5 steps to enjoy life here and now

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023

The feeling of happiness consists of many factors. Some cannot relax with complete well-being, while others find a reason for joy even on the most challenging day. We are talking about how to worry less and feel joy more often.

The feeling of happiness consists of many factors. Some cannot relax with complete well-being, while others find a reason for joy even on the most challenging day. We are talking about how to worry less and feel joy more often.

Be in the moment

How often are you really in the current moment? Are you consciously living what is happening to you? Catch all the details of what is happening, and pay attention to all the nuances. At the same time, this is one of the key rules of an even mood and general well-being. The fact is that in the current moment, fortunately, we do not experience something unpleasant so often. As a rule, we feel bad or anxious because we go back to the events of the past repeatedly or worry about possible troubles in the future. Or we swing on the swing of dissatisfaction with our lives from the past to the future and back.

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The inability to live the current moment not only overshadows everyday life – it can poison the potentially happy days of your life.

Take care of yourself

We can be absorbed in professional problems, family troubles, or our own experiences and not notice that we have stopped caring for ourselves to the right extent. Lack of sleep, irregular and improper nutrition, heavy loads, and stress – all this can make you feel absolutely unhappy, even if everything else is objectively good.

Based on your capabilities and preferences, try to come up with a personal activity for yourself that would bring you joy every day: 10 minutes of coffee or delicious food in silence, 20 minutes of your favorite TV series, and 5 minutes of dancing to your favorite music. And try to find time for it, no matter what happens. These are the very short breaks (or long is you take a trip) during which you can recover, relax a little and, yes, experience a moment of happiness.

Reduce irritants

We do not realize how many things around us irritate our nervous system, especially in the city. Starting from harsh sounds and unpleasant odors and ending with the need to face people who hurt us. Many of these phenomena are practically unavoidable, but some of the stimuli that are unnecessary for the brain can easily be discarded.

Carefully review the list of notifications in your phone and leave only the most important ones. Does the lantern outside the window interfere or the morning sun does not allow you to sleep? Buy blackout curtains or a sleep mask. Earplugs will save you from the sounds of traffic or restless neighbors. Body-friendly clothes, seamless underwear, comfortable shoes – all this removes the number of daily reasons for irritation that interfere with enjoying life.

Work with anxiety

Anxiety in various forms can darken the lives of many adults. It can result from trauma, negative childhood experiences, constant stress, and general unfavorable information background. And often it is anxiety that does not allow us to admit that, in general, everything is fine now and it is quite possible to afford to be at least a little happy.

You can work with anxiety at different levels. With anxiety disorder and panic attacks, it is necessary to go to the doctor. If you just catch yourself that even in situations of well-being you find reasons for anxiety, including the most insignificant ones, think about what undermines your psychological resource.

Experience gratitude

Critical thinking often pushes us to look for flaws and problems in ourselves, others, and our lives, missing all the advantages, joys, and merits. You’ve probably noticed that even at the most unsuccessful events there are people who have a good time.

This is not a call to devalue our experiences, difficulties, and moments when we are hurt or upset. All this is somehow present in our lives, and some of these problems can be solved by changing circumstances or your attitude to them (and this can be done). But the easiest thing you can do right now is to try to find a few reasons to be grateful to yourself and your life for all the good that you have done and have at this moment. And through this gratitude feel more meaningful and happy.

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