Dos and Don’ts in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Most people around the world are now intent on their rights and have, therefore, heard of personal injury cases at some point. Even so, most are unsure of what the cases entail. 

Most people around the world are now intent on their rights and have, therefore, heard of personal injury cases at some point. Even so, most are unsure of what the cases entail. 

People who have valid claims forego filing them because they do not know they have a personal injury claim. Personal injury is the legal term for injuries that affect the body, emotions, and mind rather than those that affect properties.

If you have thus suffered any bodily or psychological harm in an accident for which someone is at fault, you should contact an NYC personal injury lawyer. You should take a few steps to protect your claim and maximize your settlement even with the best attorney. The following are some dos and don’ts after your accident for the best possible outcome for your claim.

The Dos

Get Witness Information

At your accident site, take the contact information of the witnesses to your able extent. This way, your lawyer can easily contact them to testify on the events surrounding your accident. 

Be careful about what the witnesses have to say on the particulars of your accident before including them in your case.

Take Pictures

Thanks to mobile devices, taking photos nowadays is easy. Take pictures of the accident site from different viewpoints and angles after your injury if capable. These can be used to explain the site and your sustained injuries.

Call the Police

At times, an at-fault party might encourage you not to involve the police in your accident. Irrespective of the extent of your injuries, always involve the police. Without the police report, you will be disadvantaged in your claim.

Start a Diary

After your accident, you can start a journal detailing how the accident has changed your life. Document your medical care, medication, lost wages, incidental costs, and challenges. These details can be used by your NYC personal injury lawyer to estimate the compensation amount.

The Don’ts

Do Not Admit Fault

It is normal to feel remorse after an accident. This should, however, not cause you to accept some responsibility in an accident’s causation. 

Admitting even a slight fault might not work with the legal definition of what constitutes a fault in personal injury claims and negate or minimize your compensation.

Don’t Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer Present

Insurance adjusters often try to have accident victims sign documents that absolve the blame of their clients. Do not sign any forms with insurance adjusters until you have finished medical treatment, and your NYC personal injury lawyer has gone through the document and approved its signing. 

Some documents will negate your right to file a claim for your injuries.

Do Not Discuss Your Case

The courts can subpoena the discussions about your injury with people. This might work against you if someone remembers you having said something incriminating yourself about the accident. 

Limit the discussions around your claim to your attorney until after the claim’s settlement. These are privileged conversations that cannot be subpoenaed.

With the above steps, you can protect your personal injury claim and be sure of fair compensation for injuries. Some people think that courts do not take personal injury cases seriously. With this assumption, they see little need for filing a claim.

According to OSHA statistics, in 2018, for instance, 21.1% of construction workers in America filed a personal injury claim. The leading causes for the claims included falls, electrocutions, in-betweens, and being struck by objects. With these statistics, you are sure that the courts take personal injury claims seriously.

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