Health Benefits of CBD oil with Diamond CBD

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For weeks, I’ve experienced heel pain in my right heel and I’ve tried several things – yoga, removing grains from my diet and reiki. All helped but I still had random pains on and off.  A close friend of my recommend I try CBD oil for it and I first scoffed her off but finally after more gentle pushing decided to try it.

I immediately noticed a difference and quickly became an CBD evangelist.   I even managed to get my 78-year-old mother in law to try it and she loves how it helps with arthritis and joint pain.

I researched a of different brands and decided to try  Diamond CBD.  I loved that their team, made up of doctors and scientists, and is dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD products while never compromising on quality.  The products I looked at had a lot of glowing reviews so I decided to give them a go and was pleased with how the product worked.  Also, Diamond CBD is giving away a cruise to Bahamas!


diamond cbd oil

Now trends drive a lot of the choices we make in life, whether we are deciding what type of music we are listening to or what we should be wearing.  Knowing that, it comes as no surprise that there are trends in the health market as well.

Everything from super foods to supplements are marketed to us based on those trends. Just like we do with any other trendy item, we have to decide whether the latest trend is one that will serve us well or not.

Cannabidoil, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is one of those trends. People are using CBD oil for many health issues that are common in everyday life.

CBD oil takes the benefits of cannabis and gives you the good while keeping you from getting high. For people who can’t tolerate the THC, using CBD oil gives them the chance to experience the relief that cannabis can bring for the very first time.

Do you suffer with chronic pain? CBD can help that. Anxiety? CBD can assist. Nausea from a migraine? You’ve got it, CBD. Can this trend be a great solution for you? Read on to find out how to get started with CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD oil is created during an extraction process that takes all of the cannabinoids out of the cannabis plant and leaves the THC behind.

How is that beneficial? There are a few reasons why someone can’t tolerate THC, whether it causes them paranoia or they simply don’t like the feeling that being high brings.

Cannabidiol is full of cannabinoids, which connect to a system in our body with receptors that can soothe inflammation, anxiety, and other issues.

High levels of stress, and the frustration of dealing with pain can lower the cannabinoids in the body. When we are cannabinoid deficient, our body can react in negative ways.

Using CBD oil can replace those missing cannabinoids, and start bringing you some relief.

What conditions can CBD help with?

While the research is still coming up with new conditions that CBD can help with, an excellent rule of thumb is that anything cannabis can help with, CBD likely can too.

This opens people who suffer from a wide range of ailments the opportunity to use and benefit from CBD. Just like any other substance, CBD is no cure all, however, if you are suffering and traditional methods of treatment aren’t working, this alternative could.

Which conditions have been rumored to be helped by CBD? Here’s a quick list:


  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Depression
  • ADHD


In each of these conditions the symptoms are frequently debilitating. Chronic conditions can wreak havoc over a person’s life. The constant doctor appointments, the need for new medications that can cause side effects, all of it can be very frustrating.

If CBD can relive some of the symptoms, it can reduce the amount of medication a person needs to take. The fortunate part of CBD? There are little to no side effects to using CBD. The normal side effects that you’re used to hearing of in association with cannabis? Those are caused by the THC. Take away the THC, it takes away the side effects.

Is CBD legal?

Whenever we are talking about cannabis or any cannabis related, the question of legality comes up. Cannabis has been illegal in the United day for decades.

Though there are states that allow cannabis to be used legally, on a federal level the drug remains prohibited. Because it lacks THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, CBD oil does not fall under the same laws that cannabis usage does.

Double check the state that you live in, but CBD is legal in many states, even those where cannabis can only be consumed for medical purposes. If you live in a state where cannabis can’t be consumed but you really need the benefits, CBD could be your chance to get the health benefits of cannabis without the risk of legal ramifications.

Is CBD right for me?

Only you and your doctor can decide. Before doing anything that affects your health or current treatment, you should talk your doctor. Together you can decide if CBD oil is going to be safe for you to use. Once the safety of use for you has been determined, the next step is to decide which way you’ll obtain your CBD.

Due to the popularity, you can get your CBD in many different ways. You can consume your CBD in an edible, smoke it in a vaporizer, swallow it in caplets or even enjoy it in CBD Gummies. Whichever way you choose, use it consistently and monitor the effects closely. Find a reputable brand you can trust and stick with it. Again, I really loved the Diamond CBD  oil and they have a 15 day return policy on their vape oils.

CBD can be a game changer if you suffer from certain chronic conditions. Find out whether it is legal and safe for you to try this cannabis derivative and begin feeling great.

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