5 Creative And Engaging Hobbies To Try This Year

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The new year not only brings a new calendar and a refrigerator full of leftovers from your holiday festivities, but the opportunity to dive into new hobbies without pause. When you participate in creative hobbies, you boost your mood, relieve stress, and improve your cognitive abilities. You’ll also have a brand new skill to show off to your friends and family once you’ve been at it long enough. Take a look through this list and pick the new hobby you want to try out in 2019.

  1. Pottery
    Pottery is a unique art form that has been around for thousands of years. The earliest known kilns date back to 6,000 BCE and could fire up to 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, this aged hobby is fairly easy for novices to get into and it produces wonderful gifts for family and friends. Sign up for some pottery classes to learn the basics and once you feel proficient enough, consider investing in tools of your own so that you can do it at home.
  2. Gardening
    Working in a garden is the perfect way to get into nature and away from computer and TV screens. Research has also shown that gardening elevates your mood. With gardening you can either cultivate a beautiful flower bed by strategically planting flowers and pulling weeds or start your own vegetable garden. Homegrown food always tastes better, but if you don’t have space for a garden of your own you can join a community garden to grow your own produce.
  3. Learn To Knit
    Knitting has recently become a trend for those looking for a new hobby, and there’s a good reason. Those who pick up knitting needles and start working with yarn have lauded the relaxing nature of the activity. Once you learn the basic techniques, there are nearly limitless possibilities of what you can create and many different types of yarn with which you can experiment.
  4. Exercise Your Brain
    A hobby doesn’t always have to give you a physical object as a result of your hard work. Keep your brain cells active by reading non-fiction books, learning a new language, or using one of the many apps that exist to train your brain to process information faster. With so much information out there to learn about, such as how the human body contains an estimated 75 to 100 trillion cells, you will never get bored and be able to impress at the next trivia night.
  5. Bullet Journaling
    For those who love organization and writing, bullet journaling is the ideal hobby. It is a technique to record your day’s events, plan future goals, and keep everything organized. Essentially, you create a planner with a blank notebook and a pen rather than buying one in the store. You can design your bullet journal to be as complex or as simple as you like by experimenting with different layouts and colors. This hobby will not only allow you to create something, but also give you a useful tool for the rest of your year.

Whichever hobby you choose to embrace this year, be sure that it brings you joy. When you’re slogging through the menial chores of your day, you should be able to think about this fun hobby and immediately get motivated to finish what you’re doing so that you can get to what you love. Pick a creative and engaging hobby, and you’ll always have something to look forward to.

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