Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner and the One that will Suit You the Best

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Last Updated on May 2, 2023

The market is filled with different ranges of vacuum cleaners. While most of these vacuum cleaners are of high quality, each offers unique functionalities. Different brands offering different vacuum cleaner types may make it challenging to make the right decision.

The market is filled with different ranges of vacuum cleaners. While most of these vacuum cleaners are of high quality, each offers unique functionalities. Different brands offering different vacuum cleaner types may make it challenging to make the right decision.

You need to choose one based on your own requirements. We have listed here the different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market in 2023 and the ones that may work best for you.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

This is the usual vacuum cleaner model we have seen for these many years. It is a tilt-and-push vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners can be a bit bulky, but they are also powerful, which means that these kinds of vacuum cleaners are the best to be used when large carpeted surfaces need to be cleaned. It comes with different settings to clear different types of floors. The attachments provided also offer height adjustments to reach even the ceilings. The only drawback would be that it is heavy and bulky, and you need to push and pull it while working.

2. Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

If you are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner, a stick model is a right choice. It is shaped like a broom, making storing this vacuum cleaner easy. The motor is also located in the stick and used for light cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning a small house when you need to maneuver around furniture and narrow spaces. A stick vacuum cleaner does not come with a dirt bag attached. This is good enough to clean floors. There are fewer attachments, making it less complicated to use. This is easy to handle. Compared to a full-sized vacuum cleaner, you can quickly take it out and use it to clean your floors rather than maneuvering a big machine all through the house. The only con we can think about using this vacuum cleaner is that it is not as powerful as the one we have described above. The battery life of the vacuum cleaner may also not be significant.

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

This one is one of my favorites on the list. Especially when you have kids and pets at home, the house will get dirty as they shed throughout the year. Vacuuming your house thoroughly daily using a full-sized vacuum cleaner is not feasible. The electric vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest inventions because it makes the life of a homemaker easy. 

These vacuum cleaners work with LIDAR technology. The vacuum cleaner automatically sets a map of the house, and you can do so many things by using the app. You can schedule the vacuum cleaner to clean the house at a particular time daily. You can only clean individual rooms, and by using the cleaner, you can restrict a few areas or clean a specific site. The vacuum cleaner is battery operated, and when the battery level is low, it automatically goes to the power docket area and gets the battery charged before resuming the cleaning process. You can use the vacuum cleaner several times if your pet sheds a lot. And also, robotic vacuum cleaners dump the dust in a dustbin automatically. There are also a few models that come with motor functions as well. The best part of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it is independent, and you need not supervise it.

A tip that has helped me keep my house cleaner when I live with a pet is brushing my dog with the best brush for a pomeranian before running the robot vacuum cleaner. The brush helps remove all the loose hair from my dog’s coat which is then cleaned with the help of the vacuum cleaner. This ensures my house stays cleaner longer as my dog sheds less throughout the day.

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:

This small, light vacuum cleaner can clean in one go. This is the most popular vacuum cleaner nowadays as it is light in weight and can be wall mounted easily. The cordless version of this is a better choice that is battery-operated. Handle vacuum cleaners are also available with powerful machines, but you must pay extra. These come with multiple cleaning brushes to clean different surfaces. A few models also include a pet brush to clean your pet’s bed. 

Using a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can clean small areas quickly as it is convenient to access. For example, when I brush my pet, the loose hair that accumulates in the room is cleaned rapidly using a handle vacuum cleaner, and it does a pretty great job.

When buying a handle vacuum cleaner, ensure the model you opt for has a long battery life. A few models also offer two removable batteries, so you can switch between them if the vacuum cleaner stops midway.

A Few Things to Remember Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner:

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind before you invest in a machine. Firstly, determine the surface that needs cleaning before investing in the type of vacuum cleaner. Modern vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters, which is excellent if you are prone to allergies. Especially if you have pets in your home. You should go for one which comes with this kind of filter.

When buying a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag, you must replace the bag regularly. Hence it is better to go for bagless models as it is an eco-friendly option. These vacuum cleaners come with a see-through option to let you know when to empty the dust collector. If you have hardwood floors, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you purchase has an attachment that is specially meant for hardwood floor cleaning and does not damage it.

Power consumption by the vacuum cleaner is another factor you must consider. If the chances of a power cut are high in your area, then using a battery-operated vacuum cleaner is better. You have to view the pricing as several different brands of vacuum cleaners that do the same cleaning are available. Compare various models to understand the one that works best for your needs and is budget-friendly.

The Bottom Line:

Getting a vacuum cleaner is a commitment for a few years at least, as you will invest in it. This is why researching well before buying a brand is essential. Several vacuum cleaners are in the market, making purchasing the right one slightly confusing. The guide and the tips listed above will help you through the process of purchase and help you make the right decision. 

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