Enduring Style, Lasting Comfort: Embrace Your Space with Wooden Furniture

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Last Updated on December 21, 2023

Wooden furniture never goes out of style. With its warm, natural beauty and timeless appeal, wood furniture adds character and elegance to any room. If you're looking to decorate your home or give a space an upgrade, embrace the style and mood that only real wood pieces can provide.

Wooden furniture never goes out of style. With its warm, natural beauty and timeless appeal, wood furniture adds character and elegance to any room. If you’re looking to decorate your home or give a space an upgrade, embrace the style and mood that only real wood pieces can provide.

Why Choose Wood?

For ages, wood has served as a primary material for crafting various forms of furniture, ranging from beds and chairs to tables and dressers. It is sturdy and durable, yet surprisingly lightweight. It can be carved into graceful shapes or have a natural, rustic texture. It comes in a diverse array of colours and grain patterns, allowing you to choose from countless design options. No wonder wood remains a beloved fixture of home decor today, used in everything from antique king-size beds to sleek modern buffets and sideboards. While many materials come and go, wood’s ability to be shaped into functional and stylish furniture gives it a truly timeless appeal.

When selecting wooden furniture, consider which rooms you want to enhance and how you’d like the pieces to complement your existing decor. Here are some popular ways to embrace wood’s beauty in your home:

Mixing Wood Tones in Your Living Room

Coffee table – A classic living room staple, coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes, and wood stains to match different decor styles. Rectangular, oval, and round shapes work well when paired with chaise lounges.

Console table – Slender console tables fit behind sofas or against walls for display and storage. They come in dark woods like mahogany or lighter ones like maple.

Bookshelves – Bookcases with open or closed storage are great for displaying books, collectibles, and more. Teak, oak, timber and pine bookcases make an impact.

Entertainment Unit Corner TV stands, consoles, and entertainment centres hold TVs and media components. They come in many wood finishes like natural, black, white-washed, etc.

End tables – Small end tables in wood materials like bamboo, birch, and pine hold lamps, remotes, and accent pieces next to seating.

Cabinets – Cabinets provide enclosed storage space for organising items. Different cabinet heights and layouts accommodate anything from dishes and cookware in kitchens to clothes and linens.

Armchair – Upholstered armchairs and accent chairs in wood frames provide plush, cosy seating well-suited for relaxing and leisurely activities like reading, watching TV, or having a conversation.

Blending Wood Tones for Cohesion in the Dining Room

The dining room is one space where wood furniture has traditionally reigned supreme. From gleaming mahogany tables to intricately carved sideboards, wood lends an aura of warmth and timelessness to the dining area. When selecting wooden furniture for your dining room, consider how pieces complement each other based on their style, colour tone, and finish.

Dining Set – The dining table is the centrepiece of the space. Rectangular tables are the most common, but round pedestal tables also suit smaller spaces well. Hardwoods like oak, walnut, and teak make durable, beautifully-grained tabletops. Match the size and shape to your room’s dimensions and the number of desired seats. Chairs with wooden frames tend to match the table wood, with upholstered seats for comfort. 

Sideboards – Sideboards and hutches provide essential dining room storage and display options. Place one along the back wall or off to the side. Sideboards offer a long surface for serving dishes and decor. Hutches have cabinets and shelves for china, table linens, and serving ware. Darker woods like mahogany pair well with formal settings. Lighter birch or rustic pine suit casual spaces. Add plank detailing, carved legs, and glass cabinet doors for visual appeal.

Designing a Cohesive Bedroom with Wood Finishes

Bedrooms are intimate spaces meant for rejuvenation and comfort. Wooden furniture introduces warmth and texture, creating a peaceful retreat. From beds and wardrobes to accent pieces, wood adds beauty and utility.

Beds with Headboards –  Beds are central to establishing aesthetics. Wooden headboards make a statement, available in heights from low-profile to dramatic tall panels. Match the headboard wood to other finishes like nightstands and dressers for harmony. Wood beds with storage like drawers or lifted platforms maximise space efficiency.

Nightstands – Nightstands placed on each or one side of the bed provide a surface area for lamps, books, glasses, and alarm clocks within easy reach. Opt for compact nightstands with just an open or closed shelf. Larger wooden nightstands incorporate multiple drawers and cubbies for ample storage.

Dressers – Dressers elegantly store folded clothing and accessories in their wide drawers while doubling as display surfaces for photos, plants, and decor. Grand wooden dressers with angled legs and mirror-backed vanities take centre stage. Mirrored dressers reflect light and create the illusion of expanded space.

While wooden furniture comes in all price ranges, investing in solid, quality craftsmanship will ensure your pieces last for years. Here’s what to look for:

Hardwood construction – Oak, maple, mahogany, and other hardwoods are dense and sturdy. Avoid particle boards or cheap softwoods that dent and scratch easily.

Mortise and tenon joinery – This traditional joint style uses interlocking wooden pegs for superior strength. Avoid glue or nails that loosen over time.

Smooth sanded finish – Running your hand along the finish should feel smooth, with no splinters. Rough edges denote lower quality.

Reinforced corners – Well-made wooden furniture has bracing and reinforcements at potential stress points.

Protective finishes – Multiple coats of varnish, lacquer, or other sealants protect the wood from moisture, spills, and scratches.

Create a Cohesive Look

After a long day, there’s nothing like returning home and sinking into your favourite wooden rocking chair or dining table. Let the graceful patina and delicate grain patterns delight your senses as you relax in timeless style. With proper care, your wooden furniture will only gain charm as the years pass. Embrace wooden pieces in your home for their enduring warmth, sophistication, and craftsmanship.

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