Healthy Practices to Put in Place Before Your Wedding

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Last Updated on December 17, 2023

Getting engaged can be an incredibly exciting time in your life. And if you’re one of the 42% of women who prefer a longer engagement (12-18 months or more), now is the perfect time to start forming some great healthy practices before your big day. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few healthy practices that might help you meet your goals before the big day.

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Develop De-Stressing Routines

One of the healthiest practices you can put in place before your wedding is a solid de-stressing ritual. Almost 80% of Americans report experiencing daily stress, and most of them aren’t even planning a wedding. Needless to say, wedding planning comes with its fair share of extremely stressful moments. Do you have healthy practices in place to help you deal with them? It might seem easy to turn to food or alcohol to help you cope with the stress, but neither of those are very healthy coping mechanisms. Instead, consider starting a practice like journaling, meditating, or even exercising to help relieve stress. One of the nice things about stress-relief practices like these is that they allow you to focus entirely on yourself — your mind, your body, and your mood — while you work through the stressful emotions you’re feeling. If none of these options speak to you, try something like:

  • Changing your environment by getting out of the house.
  • Immerse yourself in a creative outlet like drawing or painting.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises.
  • Set aside an hour of screen-free time for yourself.
  • Do some visualization exercises to move past your stress.

There are plenty of healthy de-stressing practices out there for you to try. Everyone handles stress differently, so make sure you’re doing what works for you!

Remember to Treat Yourself

Planning your wedding might seem like the biggest treat of all, but as we covered above, it’s easy for this process to get stressful. That’s why it’s important to remember to give yourself a break and a treat every once in a while! It’s easy to lose track of your time and yourself when you’re planning such a big event. So when you come across something in your planning that brings you joy, treat yourself. Considering almost 83% of people say they like receiving flowers unexpectedly, it’s an even better treat to go out and buy your favorite flowers for yourself. Maybe you’re feeling the physical effects of wedding planning stress and wish you could get a massage. What’s stopping you? You might have to compromise and get a massaging tool, but taking good care of yourself in a healthy way means treating yourself and tending to your needs, too!

Create a Solid Sleep Schedule

Sleep is arguably one of the most important components of taking great care of yourself. And when you’re planning a wedding, you’ll need all the sleep you can get. So before you pull an all-nighter trying to coordinate bridal party attire and table settings, think about just how important it is to get a solid seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Most sleep professionals recommend going to sleep and waking up at around the same time every day. Not only does this help your body get into a solid rhythm, but it can help make sure you’re operating with a clear and alert mind every day. With so many details to take care of during your wedding planning process, that extra hour of sleep and a great sleep routine can help you make sure that not a single hair is out of place when your wedding day arrives.

Putting healthy practices in place before your wedding doesn’t always have to do with intense exercise, dieting, or beauty procedures. Sometimes starting to form healthy habits right at home is as easy as making a few simple changes to your routine and coping mechanisms.

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