7 Must Haves for Timeless Kitchen Design

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Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Design trends can be quite tempting to follow, but that’s not really the best approach, is it? Your kitchen is supposed to last for years and remain in style and trendy, so is that possible? We all know that remodeling is all fun and games until it gets to actually making decisions.

But we’re here to help you! In this guide, we’ll share with you a few kitchen design tips from interior designers, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do for your next kitchen remodel project to transform the entire space while keeping your budget in mind. So, keep on reading to learn more.

Beautiful model kitchen showing timeless kitchen design

What Is a Timeless Kitchen Design?

A timeless kitchen design is one that can last for years without ever looking outdated. Most kitchens can look so beautiful and trendy now, but a few years down the road, they won’t look as good anymore, and you’ll feel the need for another home renovation project.

Trends come and go, but your kitchen will stay with you for years. To balance things out, there are timeless kitchen trends that all homeowners need to know. You don’t need to replace your whole kitchen, don’t worry.

Let’s talk about the timeless kitchen design elements you need to focus on to keep your kitchen space and interior design in fashion for a lifetime.

1. Cabinetry 

Kitchen with green and white cabinets

When you’re searching for timeless kitchen cabinets, shaker-style cabinets fit perfectly in both classic and modern kitchens, empowering them to stand the test of time. Even though they’re most widely used in farmhouse kitchens, we still believe that any kitchen design can benefit from shaker-style cabinets.

Besides, shaker-style kitchen cabinetry is an excellent choice for kitchens because they have very few corners or areas that can collect dust. That means that shaker cabinets are low maintenance and stunning, so keep that in mind for your next remodel.

Additionally, getting cabinets with glass inserts is always a good idea. Generally, mixing glass with white cabinets results in a more spacious feel to the kitchen. Besides, it allows you to clearly see inside the cabinets so that the kitchen will be both functional and gorgeous.

For wood cabinetry, we still recommend getting inserts because the lightness of the glass blends well with the color of the wood.

Another timeless design for cabinets has open shelves. While such an approach is the most functional and easy-access design, it’s pretty hard to maintain. Open shelving allows dust to pile up quickly and makes the kitchen challenging to keep clean at all times. Also, it means you’ll have to keep the cabinets organized at all times because they’re on display.

While we’re on the subject of organizing, getting organizers for cabinets or drawers is the new timeless kitchen trend that you need to follow. Organizers aren’t the easiest to install, but once they’re in, they’ll boost the look of your kitchen and make it seem organized, clean, and less cluttered at all times.

2. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island with Carrara Marble top

Countertops are the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen, making them essential for any timeless kitchen.

While marble countertops can be tempting to install for how lovely they look and match everything, you also need to consider other factors. Although marble countertops will give you the timeless look you’re seeking, they won’t necessarily offer longevity.

The new kitchen island designs use quartz for multiple reasons. First of all, quartz countertops require much less maintenance than classic marble ones because they simply don’t absorb moisture or liquids.

Secondly, quartz is much more durable than marble. Marble requires special treatment to remain sleek and chic, which defies the whale concept of having a timeless kitchen. Looks-wise, marble won’t go out of style, but functionality-wise, quartz is the way to go.

When getting a new kitchen installed or renovating your old one, we strongly recommend going for quartz countertops because they can mimic the stunning looks of marble while also offering longevity to last for years without a scratch.

Lastly, butcher block countertops wear beautifully over the years, if that’s more of your style. Of course, you can also opt for a stone countertop if you want longevity and timelessness.

3. Backsplash Design

Kitchen backsplash - white subway tiles with black grout lines

For a timeless style, installing a subway tile backsplash is a no-brainer. Subway tile has been around for hundreds of years, and they’re one of those design elements that’ll never go out of style no matter how long they’ve been there.

Also, they’re so versatile and easy to personalize; subway tiles come in a wide range of colors that are all stylish and will look just as good in the long run. Their craftsmanship just fits well with any kitchen style, design, or decor. Besides, their simple design provides them with staying power like no other backsplash design.

Avoid going for a trendy backsplashes design like bold colors, metallic tiles, or ones with unique geometric shapes with a pattern. While these might look modern and trendy for now, they’ll look outdated in a few years, and you’ll feel pressured to change them. Instead, there’s nothing better than traditional subway tiles for a timeless kitchen design.

4. Proper Lighting

Having the right lighting in your kitchen will make you feel like you have more space. If you think about it, most timeless kitchens you’ve seen just look so good because they have the right lighting–it just makes sense!

Lighting isn’t just used for decorating the kitchen; it can actually change the whole feel of the kitchen. We believe that changing the lighting alone is like a whole remodeling of your kitchen design.

Lighting is especially important if you have a dining space in your kitchen where the whole family gathers around the island for eating or just hanging out. So, let’s break down the design process to get your lights correctly installed.

For areas where you cook and prep for meals, you need bold lights with no shadows in the way. You simply need to be able to see your workstation clearly with no distractions. On the flip side, for areas where you eat food or sit around with kids or family, you need dim lighting that adds warmth, beauty, and charm to the whole setting.

To keep it simple, bright lights for cooking areas and dim ones for eating areas.

5. Overall Layout

When hiring a professional kitchen designer, they’ll always ask about the overall layout of the kitchen. Not only will the layout affect the kitchen’s functionality, but it’ll also determine how timeless its design truly is.

The layout also includes the placements of the windows. Following what we already mentioned, natural lighting is just so incredible to have in any kitchen. Try to make the best use of the windows and make sure you’re letting in as much light as possible.

Also, you can have a little gallery display of your pots, utensils, and overall collection and use them as ideas to add different styles into your kitchen without spending too much money.

Additionally, you need to think about the placement of the cabinets and appliances, whether you prefer fitted or freestanding furniture. To combine both classic and modern kitchen styles into your next kitchen remodel, the combination of both freestanding and fitted appliances is the way to go.

Make sure you keep in mind the overall layout of the entire house because that should affect the positions of your appliances. For example, make sure there’s easy access to the fridge and that nothing is standing in the way of the oven or the stove.

6. Color Palettes

An essential part of any timeless kitchen is the color palette you choose. That includes the flooring, walls, paint colors, wall art, hardware, fixtures, faucets, accents, down to window treatments, and even appliances and the floor.

Here are some tips for a timeless design that’ll always be in style. First of all, avoid the latest trends of choosing bold colors. Of course, incorporating a bold or dark color here and there adds personality to your kitchen design, but nothing too dramatic if you want timelessness.

A classic white kitchen is always a good approach. You can blend in some neutral colors from gardens or plants if you want to contrast the white, but always try to focus on shades of beige, green, or grey. You can do so by using natural materials like stone or granite.

Kitchen designs with bright and fun colors like yellow or green create a lot of room and add life to your house if your kitchen is small, so you can try to incorporate those with beautiful printed wall art pieces, for example. You can get inspiration from currently trendy styles in those little elements because they’re easy to change later without requiring a lot of money.

For example, if you like contemporary design, you can get contemporary accessories that are easy to replace when they go outdated. Additionally, if you want to create even more room, white appliances are always a beautiful addition.

7. High-Quality Materials

A timeless kitchen needs timeless and high-quality materials that can last a while. All timeless kitchen trends use durable and natural materials like natural stone to add both color and durability.

Keep in mind the ultimate goal is a  functional kitchen, not one that just follows all the design trends, so make sure all the accents and fixtures are made from good materials. Your kitchen of dreams needs perfection and nothing less.

Brass is a good material to use because its shade adds a little life to your kitchen effortlessly. Just imagine the looks of having a brass accent on an all-white cabinet or door? So trendy, beautiful, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Also, stainless steel is another good material that you can use.

Final Words

All the elements of the kitchen work together to create your dream timeless kitchen design. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about different timeless kitchen ideas so you’re prepared for your next kitchen remodel.

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