What To Keep In Mind While Placing Your Sofa

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Last Updated on September 17, 2021

A sofa is a very important piece of furniture, rather, the most. It is usually kept in the center, while the rest of the furnishing is done while keeping it in mind. 

A sofa is a very important piece of furniture, rather, the most. It is usually kept in the center, while the rest of the furnishing is done while keeping it in mind. 

Modern sofas are available in numerous designs and can be used in different ways. Thus, you can buy whatever is suitable for your taste. Then, you can customize your room accordingly. 

But, the entire look of your room depends on how you decorate it, which again depends on how you place a sofa in your room. 

This article gives you a few basic things that you should keep in mind. This will help you place your sofa in such a way that it will only enhance the look and beauty of your room. 

Balance it out

If you keep bigger things together and smaller things elsewhere, it would ruin the balance. Instead, they should be mixed and kept together to elevate the entire look. 

Similarly, in a room, you need to create a balance between all the pieces of furniture. You should not place the big items on one side of the room, while the smaller ones would crowd around on the other side. 

Since the sofa is a big item, make sure the ones surrounding the sofa do not overwhelm or underwhelm it. Instead, there should be a balance that can be achieved if you keep smaller-looking chairs or seats around it. 

Avoid blocking

The size of the sofa is enough to create any kind of difficulty. While placing it, make sure it is in an appropriate place because it would be difficult to move it again, considering its size and weight. 

Make sure the sofa is not blocking any entrances or exits. This would block all walking pathways. People might end up tripping and getting hurt. 

But, that is not even the extreme. You should not have to compromise on your activities to incorporate a sofa in your room. You should also be careful to leave space between the center table and the sofa to allow free movement. 

Enough room between the walls

A sofa pushed right up against a wall with no space in between the two not only runs the risk of damaging the wall but also leaves no space for you to do occasional cleaning. 

Instead, make sure you leave enough room between the wall and your sofa. As surprising as it may sound, this would also ensure that your room looks more airy than usual. 

While this may not be possible in small rooms, it can surely be done in the case of a large room. 

Ideal places for installing a sofa

The most ideal place to put a sofa is in front of another one. While this is not that feasible in small rooms because it would look very awkward, it would greatly facilitate conversations during social gatherings in a large room. 

Another way to place a sofa would be in front of a TV. You may have a very busy day at work, and the only thing you would want to do after coming back home is watching some TV and relax. 

It is also very convenient because if you watch TV in your bedroom, it might disturb the other family members. Thus, it is better to be comfortable on a sofa and do all your leisure activities. 

A sofa can also be placed under a window. But, be careful and check whether any part of the sofa is blocking it. If you have already decided on such a place, then make sure you buy a sofa whose headrest is well below the window sill.

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