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Last Updated on June 13, 2021

Looking for an AIP dessert that is egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, seed-free and more? Here are 20 easy desserts that are also vegan!

Photo collage of AIP Desserts strawberry mousse, apple pie ice cream and pumpkin spice cookies, paleo pop tarts with text overlay

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is, in essence, an elimination diet. By removing foods that cause inflammation in the body, you are allowing your body to heal the gut and immune system.

Autoimmune disease is a condition where the body can’t tell the difference between foreign invaders and healthy tissue, so the body attacks itself.

There are more than 80 autoimmune disorders currently identified.

You may or may not know that I have PCOS, which is considered an autoimmune disorder,  but  I have also been struggling to get back on track after having my son.

Anyhow,  I’m shooting to stay 100%  for 60 days.

However, you know me.  I have a sweet tooth that rivals Paula Deen’s sweet tooth pre-diabetes  and I need to make sure that I can get my cookie and cake fix no matter what diet I am on.

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Recommended AIP Cookbooks

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20 AIP Desserts that You'll Love

These easy AIP Desserts range from ice cream, candy, pie and more!

Looking for an AIP dessert that is egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, seed-free and more? Here are 20 easy desserts that are also vegan!

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  1. Oh, please, please re-link to the balsamic strawberry and basil dairy-free ice cream. I was so excited, but the link is 404ed!

  2. Great list Kelly! I’ve got to get my butt serious about AIP again. I adhered to it very strictly for about 6 months, but I’ve been quite the slacker and I can tell a distinct effect on my health. This list will definitely come in handy. πŸ™‚ Thanks for featuring the strawberries and cream tart recipe too!

  3. I hope you have good results! I am thrilled to say that as of TODAY, I have BOTH of the books you said are must haves. I agree with you and will be forever grateful to those willing to spread the goodness of this way of eating. So far I have gone without deserts but am reconsidering after seeing your list of possibilities!

  4. Good luck with the change in diet!
    At least you can have fruits. πŸ™‚
    I’ve been on the candida cleanse for the last 3 weeks myself, and no fruit or sugar of any kind is allowed. Sigh.
    So, I can’t even eat my coconut date balls right now. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Thank you for posting these great dessert recipes! I’m just over a month into AIP (btw, the books you listed have been a big help to me), but I never considered that I might need some desserts for special occasions.

  6. I am trying to buy your AIP desserts ebook but I am getting an error message. Please let me know how I can purchase it. Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Hi! I’m on day 4 of the AIP elimination phase, and am really struggling with my sweet tooth. I’m definitely going to try some of these! I don’t think that the Paleo Raspberry Pop Tarts are AIP friendly since they have ghee and vanilla, right? If they are allowed, I’m definitely making those!