This Planner will Make you rethink how you Cook

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Last Updated on October 17, 2023

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The first meal was cooked over an open fire with probably nothing more than a few sticks and stones.

With time, these tools changed and evolved into cast iron, stainless steel and even fancy induction pans.

However the process of cooking hasn’t changed that much.

Yes, there are shortcuts like using a microwave or buying takeout but if you make food from scratch you are still working with this 5 step process:

  1. Planning the meals
  2. Creating a grocery list
  3. Going grocery shopping
  4. Cook each meal on the day you planned
  5. Clean up.

In 2012, researchers discovered the following:

  • The average mother spends 18 whole days each year in the kitchen
  • Over the average lifespan this amounts to 1,117 days or just over 3 years

For those who follow a real food diet, I’m certain this average is way off and women are spending more like  5 to 7 years of time in their kitchens!

Easy Make Ahead Meal Planning

In a world overwhelmed with a mile long to-do list, cooking is taking the back the seat.   For the first time in history, people are spending more money at restaurants versus the grocery store.

This has further implication that I won’t go into like the cost of the meals, health care costs from the quality of ingredients you’re eating, etc.

What if I told you that there is a better way to cook at home? One that would save you time, money and clean up time?

To good to be true, right?

20 Dishes is a meal planner that shares easy make ahead meal plans.  They take cooking from out of the stone age and teach you how to do it in the 21st century.   Here is their process:

  1. Use the curated meal plan or customize it and make your plan
  2. Print shopping list or pull up on your phone.
  3. Go shopping
  4. Prep ahead all your meals so that on the meal day, you simply throw it in the pan. 
  5. Clean up.

You might be thinking, oh, that’s a lot more work.

Prep ahead means I have to do work twice.

If this is what you thought, you are actually wrong.

When you prepare ahead your meals with the planner, you prep all the ingredients for all the recipes at once which saves you massive amounts of time.
Easy Make Ahead Meal Planning
For example, if you plan on making meatloaf,  lamb burgers, spaghetti and tacos, instead of cutting onions the day you are making each recipe, you prep ahead and cut all the onions for that dish on your prep day.

On the day you make the recipe, you just pull out your prepped ingredients, throw it in the pan and you’re done.

The planner figures out what ingredients you need to prep and tells you the exact amount so you don’t have to think.


Yes, this is a new way of thinking.

But with the meal planner, all you have to do is read (which you are doing now) and follow the directions.

It’s the easy button and you get to reap the reward of dinner on the table with no stress (and know exactly what’s for dinner when your kids ask for the 10 millionth time).

Are you ready to do this?

Start here. 

P.S  share in a comment how much time  you are spending in the kitchen each week. 

9 thoughts on “This Planner will Make you rethink how you Cook”

  1. This planner sounds amazing, I sometimes think I spend my whole life in the kitchen – a slight exaggeration of course but I’m always up for rethinking things for efficiency!

  2. I probably need to spend more time on the kitchen being more adventurous – resources like this help to being more efficient in the kitchen which is what I need to be for sure!


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