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Last Updated on May 8, 2023

We’ve all fantasized about building a cute shed to be our feminine escape, a place for gardening, painting, reading, simply being or just enjoying a moment with your favorite dog. However, you might be understandably hesitant to build it on your own, but you know what can make the process a lot easier? Ready-made she shed kits on Amazon. We’ll help you find the best she shed kits Amazon has to offer.

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At a Glance:

  1. Allwood Solvalla – Best Overall
  2. Little Cottage Company Gingerbread – Most Feminine
  3. Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst – Best for Easy Assembly
  4. Best Barns Easton – Budget Pick
  5. Little Cottage Company Classic – Most Durable

The 5 Best She Shed Kits in 2022

Without further ado, here are some great she shed kits to buy on Amazon.

1. Allwood Solvalla – Best Overall

Allwood Solvalla | 172 SQF Studio Cabin Kit, Garden House
  • Inside Floor Area:172 Sqf (whereof 86 Sqf is covered)
  • Wall thickness: 13/16" (21 mm) - T&G pattern
  • Ideal back yard recreation lounge, guest house or even a home office
  • Estimated assembly time 3-4 days for 2 adults
  • Solvalla actually consists of two separate 86 sqf. structures connected together. In most locales where 120 sqf is the permit exempt limit, you may not need a permit. We recommend verifying this with your local building authority prior to ordering.

Allwood Solvalla is a popular trailer on Amazon with a minimalist and modern style. The Nordic wood renders it an excellent upgrade from the traditional log cabin. Moreover, the mini home is 172 sq. ft., consisting of two rooms, each 86 sq. ft. Overall, it might just be the ideal size and design to escape from family stress, life, and everything else. You can place it in a backyard, garden, or even rooftop of a multi-story building! Additionally, you can easily build the cabin with a friend in one or two days. You’ll only need minimal tools. Still, that means you’ll have to provide foundation materials and roof shingles. If you want amenities, including electricity, plumbing, and so on, you’ll have to hire builders to install them as well.


  • Ideal if you want a minimalist and modern home kit
  • Contains two rooms
  • Can be placed on a rooftop
  • Easy to build
  • Takes two days at most to put together


  • No roof shingles or foundation materials provided
  • No amenities

Final Verdict

Allwood Solvalla is our dream she shed kit or Tiny Office Shed. The quality Nordic wood design incorporates two rooms, and you won’t have any trouble putting it together.

2. Little Cottage Company Ginger Bread – Most Feminine

8 x 8 Gingerbread Playhouse Panelized Kit
  • Easy-to-assemble Panelized Kit
  • Full color instruction manual
  • Hand-crafted by Amish in the USA
  • Includes Floor Kit and Deck and Painted Rail
  • Includes Chimney

If you want to live your teenage-style dream, the Little Cottage Company Ginger Bread is possibly the most amazing playhouse you can purchase.We’re talking two flower boxes, two doors, curved wood trusses, a gingerbread trim, and an adorable heart window. Also, one of the doors is adult-sized, and the other is child-sized; how cute is that?!This crafted Amish kit isn’t all looks and no substance, though. Instead, it arrives pre-assembled and ready for paint. Also, you’ll receive the walls in prefabbed sections.With items already cut and labeled, you’ll have no trouble putting this 8’x8′ cabin together. Nevertheless, you should know that shingles, paint, and drip-edge aren’t included in the kit.


  • Has the most lovely and feminine style (with curved trusses and heart designs)
  • Features two doors
  • Primed and pre-assembled
  • Labeled parts for your convenience


  • No shingles, paint, or drip-edge available

Final Verdict

The Little Cottage Company Ginger Bread house is possibly the most adorable purchase you can ever make. Its heart designs, flower boxes, mini door, curved roof, and gingerbread trim have indeed won us over!

3. Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst – Best for Easy Assembly

Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst 10'x10' DIY Shed Kit
  • High Quality Siding and Trim Pre Fastened Onto Wall Panels.
  • Walls are in Panelized Sections
  • Straight Trim Pre-Fastened To Panels

Like the Little Cottage Company Ginger Bread, the Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst is an Amish wood shed kit. It’s one of the easiest sheds to build in your yard or garden, which is an excellent feature for such a big cabin of 240 sq. ft.To illustrate, the walls come in prefabbed sections, and the rest is pre-cut and labeled, so there’s no additional cutting required. Even better, the kit includes transom window options, double doors, shutters, a floor kit, a cupola, a flower box, a door lock, and ventilation.Moreover, the home also resists rot, fungus, and termites and has a 50-year decay-resistant warranty. However, as is the case with our previous sheds, you’ll have to supply the shingles, paint, and drip edge yourself.


  • Very easy to build with prefabbed wood sections and pre-cut parts
  • Supports ventilation
  • Has a large size of 240 sq. ft.
  • Resists rot, fungus, and termites


  • Doesn’t come with shingles, paint, or a drip edge

Final Verdict

Are you looking for a shed kit that you can build in your backyard quickly? The Little Cottage Company Colonial Pinehurst gives you the components ready for paint. Not to mention, it’s large and sturdy.

4. Best Barn Easton – Best Value

Best Barns Easton 12' X 20' Wood Shed Kit
  • Windows Sold Separately
  • Paint, Shingles, Drip Edge, and Roof Paper by Purchaser

The ladies who want to create sheds and not spend too much money might appreciate the Best Barn Easton, especially since its price doesn’t come at a compromise in quality. You can put the 12’x20′ affordable home in your yard and expect it to stand the test of time. It features premium grade 2x4s for construction. Also, Best Barns’ confidence in its sheds’ quality is evident in the 50-year warranty.The assembly is simply effortless with pre-built doors and pre-cut wood. This saves you additional effort and time. Not to mention, it includes nails and hardware. Nonetheless, don’t expect any foundation, paint, shingles, or windows.


  • Affordable
  • Durable yard house with premium-grade 2x4s
  • Has a 50-year warranty
  • Effortless assembly, thanks to the pre-built doors and pre-cut wood
  • 24/7 support
  • Comes with nails and hardware


  • No paint, shingles, or window frames are available

Final Verdict

The Best Barn Easton is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable backyard house on a budget. Its price makes it a catch, especially when you consider its durability and ease of assembly.

5. Little Cottage Company Classic – Most Durable

Little Cottage Company Classic Saltbox 10'x12' DIY Shed Kit
  • High Quality Siding and Trim Pre Fastened Onto Wall Panels
  • Primed and Ready To Paint
  • Locking Door Handle Latch
  • Model number: 10x12 CWSB-WPNK


  • Durable wooden mini house
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Comes with a 50-year warranty
  • Excellent if you want to store garden tools or other items
  • You can easily build it in 16 to 24 hours
  • Windows, fasteners, and the swivel door latch are available


  • No paint, roof shingles, or a drip edge
  • The windows aren’t pre-installed

Final Verdict

Nothing beats a quality wooden garden house like the Little Cottage Company Classic. It’s easily assembled, budget-friendly, and perfect for storage.

Factors to Consider When Buying She Shed Kits Amazon

Tiny She Shed from Amazon

We’ll list the main factors to consider in any shed you want to buy on Amazon.


The mini home size should accommodate your usage. Since you want enough space to sit comfortably and add some furniture, it’d be best to order a large shed, 144 to 288 sq. ft. Also, you should have 25% more space than you need so that you can move around with ease.


You’ll find shed kits made from the following materials:

  • Wood: Wood is durable and stylish, and you can paint it to match your aesthetic. However, it can suffer rotting and have pest infestations.
  • Metal: Such an economical material is available in plenty of colors and designs. It resists insect infestations but may suffer rusting.
  • Plastic: The most straightforward sheds to assemble are plastic. They aren’t prone to mold, rot, or insect infestations.


What accessories do you want to add to your shed? Are they available with the kit? For example, you may want multiple windows and skylights for optimal natural light, French or Dutch doors for the aesthetic, shelves for books, or anchors for protection against the elements. You might want to also hire a contractor to install electric for lighting and cooking (check out our post on the best electric stoves portable).

Ease of Assembly

You want a kit so that it’s easy to build. So, consider if the instructions are straightforward and check the required skills and equipment. We’d recommend purchasing a shed that doesn’t require various types of nails, screws, or other attachments.

Final Words

Overall, we hope you’ve found a shed you want to buy off our list of she shed kits Amazon. You might want to order the Allwood Solvalla, a great, simplistic shed with two rooms that you can easily work on.Then, the Little Cottage Company Ginger Bread is the ultimate teenage dream, thanks to its adorable design. Another option is the Little Cottage Company Classic if you want a sturdy mini house that won’t exceed your budget.

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