What to Consider When Buying Your Next Mattress

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

What to Consider When Buying Your Next Mattress

Every six to 12 years, you should replace your mattress. Buying a new mattress can be exhausting because of all the options. You have to choose from different materials, foam versus springs, thicknesses, features, sizes, and more. Since most people have a budget to stick to, you also have to find the options that are within your price range. Some might be concerned about chemicals in mattresses and want to find a mattress without fiberglass. These tips will help you prioritize what to look for when buying your next mattress so that you can rest well every night and be happy with your choice.

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Firmness Preference

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the firmness of their mattress. When you like to sink into a plush, cushy mattress or mattress sizes, choose a medium-firm one with a thick, well-quilted cover. The outer foam layers of mattresses compress over time. You can add a separate foam mattress topper to get the cushioning feel you desire. An innerspring mattress offers a medium level of firmness. If you like a firm mattress, choose one with different thicknesses and densities of foam for comfort and relief on your pressure points. An air-filled mattress allows you to customize the firmness level. If you’re sore one in the shoulders one day and the lower spine a few weeks later, you can adjust these mattresses

Sleep Position

Your sleep style should be one of the biggest factors in which mattress you buy. Side sleepers should select a mattress with inner springs, as these provide pressure relief on your spine and hips. If you sleep sitting up due to snoring or sleep apnea then an adjustable bed is probably your best option. Adjustable beds are also great if you like to play craps online with slotsheaven.com/ca before going to bed at night. You can comfortably sit up in bed to play without having to adjust pillows for a comfortable position. 

Another good option for a side sleeper is a soft foam mattress with built-in pressure relief points at the shoulders and hip areas. Stomach sleepers should pick a firm mattress. If you sleep on your back, a medium-firm mattress is a good choice. If you have back pain, choose a memory foam mattress that provides support where you need it.

Sleep Partner’s Behavior

Motion isolation will help you sleep better if your partner tosses and turns. A mattress with pocketed inner spring coils provides the best level of motion reduction. Memory foam, latex or a dual-chamber air-filled mattress are also good choices for insulation of your sleep partner’s movements.

Body Temperature

If you get hot when you sleep, choose a mattress made with a fiberfill layer on top. Selecting a firm mattress also helps with maintaining a cool body temperature. Foam and latex mattresses with a plush texture that allows your body to sink in will retain the most heat.


If you’re allergic to dust mites, choose a mattress made of natural latex, which resists dust mite intrusion. If you’re allergic to latex, foam or polyester fiberfill are good choices. Be sure to encase the mattress so dust mites can’t grow and live on it. Even if you don’t have allergies, you might be concerned about chemicals or off-gassing in mattresses. Products certified by CertiPUR-US are a wise choice for people with chemical sensitivities or environmental concerns. Don’t forget, you can always clean it!

Return and Warranty Options

If you buy a mattress online, there’s no way to test it before it arrives at your doorstep. Make sure your online purchase gives you at least 30 days to decide if you like the mattress or not. Look for a company that offers free returns within 30 days of delivery. Also consider the mattress’s warranty and its fine print, such as if the warranty requires you to fit the mattress with a protective cover.

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