6 Things To Consider When Evaluating The Best Appetite Suppressants

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Choosing the best appetite suppressant to use can be difficult. Most appetite suppressants are marketed as the best, and even when you have decided the one to use, you discover reviews claiming it doesn't work. If you desperately need to lose weight, you can easily narrow your search.

Choosing the best appetite suppressant to use can be difficult. Most appetite suppressants are marketed as the best, and even when you have decided the one to use, you discover reviews claiming it doesn’t work. If you desperately need to lose weight, you can easily narrow your search.

The 6 things you need to evaluate when choosing the best appetite suppressant are;

  1. Ingredients
  2. The manufacturer’s claims
  3. Is it sold over the counter or as a prescription drug?
  4. The price and dosage
  5. The Brand
  6. Customer reviews

This article is a guide that will help you evaluate and determine which appetite suppressant is the best. 

The Ingredients

The claims made against the various appetite suppressants in the market are all linked to the ingredients. The effectiveness of the appetite suppressants is a direct result of the ingredient combination. 

Some of the popular ingredients in appetite suppressants include glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, caffeine, and l-carnitine. Some ingredients are more effective than others. This is why some appetite suppressants work faster than others. 

The best appetite suppressants contain ingredients that are clinically proven and approved by food safety authorities, like the FDA. Some of these ingredients include glucomannan, a popular fiber featured in the best appetite suppressants. 

Other popular ingredients include white bean extract and l-carnitine. Research on these ingredients has shown that they promote feelings of fullness, so you eat less. 

The results of certain ingredients are inconclusive. So, it is best to find out more about the ingredients and what science says about their effectiveness on weight loss. 

The Manufacturer’s Claims

Unfortunately, the weight loss market is regulated. Often, the only confirmation you will have on the effectiveness of the appetite suppressants is through customer reviews. While this should offer some relief, this is not always the case when the reviews are positive and negative. 

Do you believe those who say it works or those who say the appetite suppressant is ineffective? 

The best way to verify the claims is to check what agencies, such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority  (EFSA), have to say about the claim behind the effectiveness of some of the ingredients in appetite suppressants. 

Another way to substantiate the claims is by cross-referencing manufacturer claims and published scientific opinions. If both share the same view, then the claims behind the appetite suppressant are true. 

If the manufacturer and scientists have differing opinions about the ingredient’s effectiveness, you will need to decide which of the two is likely to be correct. 

Over-The-Counter vs Prescription Appetite Suppressants

Some doctors prescribe appetite suppressants to patients when their weight is affecting their health. Some of the prescribed weight loss medicines include Saxenda, Qsymia, and Pro-Fast. 

Most of these medicines are not sold over the counter because they need the supervision of a qualified health professional. The over-the-counter appetite suppressants are sold as supplements and not medicine. 

Many health professionals are confident that prescribing appetite suppressants that have scientific backing will be effective. However, appetite suppressant supplements also work, and are sometimes as effective as prescription appetite suppressants. 

The Price And Dosage

The price of appetite suppressants makes choosing one over the other even more complicated. Some are cheap, while others have a higher price tag. Some people mistakenly assume the more expensive the appetite suppressant is, the more effective it is. 

This is not entirely true because some appetite suppressants cost less but are more effective than those that cost more. 

When looking at the price, you also need to consider that you need more than one bottle to reach your desired weight. Can you afford to take the appetite suppressant for an extended period? 

The Brand

Some brands are quite popular in the weight loss market. They are some of the most trusted in the industry, and since they have a name to protect, they will only release the best appetite suppressants. 

On the other hand, some of the unknown brands might also have great products. You shouldn’t write them off simply because they are unknown. You will need to research the brands before making a decision. 

 Customer Reviews

The effectiveness of appetite suppressants tends to be subjective. The same appetite suppressant may work on one person and fail to work on someone else. However, if the customer reviews are mostly negative, you need to consider another appetite suppressant. 

The likelihood of an appetite suppressant working is higher if the customer reviews are mostly positive. 

These are some of the evaluations you need to do when choosing appetite suppressants. Some of the feedback can be conflicting. However, the best appetite suppressant is the one that has more positives than negatives.

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