A Guide to Wine: 5 Things to Know About Your Favourite Drink

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Last Updated on May 17, 2024

If you’re new to drinking wine and really enjoying it, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole world for you to dive into! 

If you’re new to drinking wine and really enjoying it, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole world for you to dive into! 

The art of good wine is more than just enjoying a tasty drink. There’s so much to know about drinking, tasting, and collecting wine that makes the experience of all of these so much sweeter. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the basics you need to know – the perfect first step for those just dipping their toes into this exciting hobby! 

Starting Your Wine Collection

If you want to start collecting wine, it’s important that you first know a little bit about the different kinds available to help you choose what to purchase and when. Think of factors like regions, grape varieties, and vintage. Certain wines will tend to appreciate in value, so this is something to consider for a collection.

You’ll also need to think about where and how to store your wine collection. UOVO wine is an excellent service to consider to assist you with the storage and management of your collection, especially if you have a whole cellar!

Understanding Wine Labels and Terminology

As you start tasting and investing in more wines, you’ll soon learn that the label on the bottle tells you a lot more than just the name! Make sure you understand certain terminology (like vintage, varietal, appellation, etc.) so that you understand what you’re reading and can make better choices. 

You should also get to know important wine certifications and classifications like AOC, DOCG, and AVA, which you’ll see on wine labels. 

Wine Etiquette and Enjoyment

Make sure you get to know the basic principles of wine etiquette – things like serving temperature (red and white will differ), the right glassware to use for different wines, and how (and why) to let your wine breathe before diving in. 

Understanding these basics will help you better understand the whole experience and will even propel you in your future wine-tasting endeavours when you might want to try hosting a wine-tasting party or joining a wine club

The Art of Wine Tasting

Another thing you’ll learn very quickly is that attending a wine tasting is an art – simply guzzling every glass that’s placed in front of you will dampen the experience and you’ll soon find yourself on another planet! 

Instead, take time to appreciate every wine – its appearance, aroma, mouth taste, and finishing notes. Listen to your wine guide and you’ll quickly learn what you like in a wine and what you don’t. However, beyond simple enjoyment, you’ll learn to appreciate the wines for what they are! Try to attend a variety of tastings and events to experience all different sorts and expand your knowledge. 

Pairing Wine with Food

One of the most beautiful aspects of wine is how it pairs with different foods and flavours – balancing and complementing one another to create the perfect combo. 

Try to attend some pairing events to learn the basic principles, and then you can start incorporating wine into your dinner parties! Start off with classic pairings like champagne and oysters, or a bold red with a steak dinner. You’ll soon gain the confidence to experiment with new flavours and pairings that might not seem obvious but somehow just work. 

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