Budget-Friendly Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Space

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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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Often, homeowners with outdoor space find ways to make the area look welcoming and prepped up for all seasons. Perhaps, this is why people have many uses for it. For example, statistics indicate that 56% of people prefer to use it for gardening purposes. Meanwhile, 40% use it for entertainment, while 28% convert this area into an outdoor kitchen and dining space. Indeed, different households have varied purposes for their outdoors. Whatever you intend to use it for, you may want to save money while at it. Here are some ideas worth considering.

  1. Opt for low-maintenance foliage

Your love for converting your outdoor area into a garden can still be carried out with a few tweaks. First, you must learn more about plants to determine which ones cost less. Usually, low-maintenance plants are less expensive, while those that require frequent attention cost more. For instance, the Juniper shrub, Ribbon Grass, and Barberry are low-maintenance outdoor plants that fit the bill. Unlike other high-maintenance options that cost a fortune, these ones range between $39.95 and $150.

Indeed, how much you pay will depend on the size of your outdoor garden area or the specific spots you want to plant them. You can switch things up a bit but selecting a variety of low-maintenance outdoor plants. Some perennial plants are also low-maintenance, but you need expertise in choosing the right ones. The Hardy Hibiscus, Catmint, Coreopsis, and the Coneflower are some other options you may want to consider if you want to save money on your garden plant choices.

  1. Find appropriate and affordable seating options

Outdoor furniture can be expensive depending on the brand and where you purchase them. Fortunately, you can work around this by reviewing the options available. First, you can wait until August to October to buy your patio furniture. According to market data, many shops organize massive discount sales to clear out outdoor summer furniture. They do this in preparation for new stock coming in for the Fall.

If you can wait, this strategy can save you hundreds of dollars o outdoor furniture. Another option is to buy your outdoor furniture with voucher codes. That allows you to save money while sprucing your outdoor space. In choosing affordable options, you may want to be guided by durability too. Furniture for your outdoor space must have characteristics quite different from what you have indoors. It should be resistant to all weather cycles and still maintain its appearance. Usually, cast aluminum, woven wicker, and wrought iron make excellent outdoor furniture frames.

  1. Choose solar-powered garden lights

Apart from the open knowledge about solar energy and its positive impact on the environment, there is more. For starters, solar energy is a cheaper option than mains-powered lights. In the early years of its inception, solar energy installation was expensive, and only a few could afford them. Today, demand has increased and has had a ripple effect on pricing. Solar light installations are relatively cheaper, and the long-term benefit can be seen in how much money you save being fully or partially off the national grid.

Using this background, you can apply the same concept to your outdoor garden. Solar garden lights are worth it compared to traditional lighting options. According to thehomeguides.com website, solar garden lights are cost-effective and have long-term benefits for any user. You pay nothing in energy costs compared to using electricity powered by the national supplier. Additionally, solar garden lights turn off automatically at dusk, and you don’t risk forgetting to turn them off. On the other hand, a mains-powered garden light needs to be turned off manually, and if you don’t, your energy costs will increase.

  1. Consider your firepit choices

Just like everything else, firepits come in a wide range of prices. However, you can review your choices since the focus is on saving money. The homeadvisor.com site says you can find premade firepit units ranging from $900 and above. If you’re lucky, you will find some valued under $350. However, when you decide to build one from scratch, the average cost is $700. While this may sound a little tricky, perhaps this may convince you.

Did you know that premade firepit units with a metal base rust quicker? This happens because of the moisture accumulation at the bottom when the fire is put out. On the other hand, building from scratch allows you to create a concrete base with weep holes to allow moisture to drain easily without collecting at the bottom. Automatically, that gives you more years of firepit usage than if you had a premade unit. 

Hopefully, you will try out these tips as you look for ways to refresh your outdoor space and save money.

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