Cinnamon: The Healing Spice

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Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Enriched with iron, manganese, vitamin K, fibre and calcium, cinnamon tops the list of healthiest spices that should be part of the diet. It is a spice with the maximum amount of anti-oxidant properties that help to reduce the movement of free radicals in the body and builds a strong immune system. Many cultures use cinnamon as a staple spice in every meal because of its healing properties and a balance it creates in the body. Having a natural aroma and sweet taste this spice can be used in savoury and in hot beverages as well.  There are many recipe books you will find at that shares delicacies made of cinnamon and how to include cinnamon in the daily diet.

So what are the benefits of cinnamon and why it is considered a healing spice? Well, this spice originally is extracted from a tree or the bark of the tree is used to add taste. It has many medicinal properties that make it an ultimate cure for many diseases. Some of the benefits of cinnamon are:

  • Anti-diabetic agent: Yes, it’s true that cinnamon helps to reduce diabetes and regulates the production of insulin. It is an anti-diabetic agent and blocks the enzymes which allow sugar to absorb into the bloodstream. Hence, the insulin insensitivity improves and along with blood sugar level, metabolic rate, and cholesterol levels.
  • Prevents neuro-degenerative diseases: As discussed earlier, cinnamon is a storehouse of powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants stimulate proteins in the brains that help in reducing cognitive dissonance and regulate proper functioning of the brain. It is majorly helpful and can even prevent cell mutation and diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Weight management: Is weight loss you New Years agenda? Have you been feeling sluggish and irritated throughout the day? Is crash diet not working for you? It’s time to use a secret ingredient that will help you lose those extra pounds and fit in skinny jeans you had since teenage years. Cinnamon is the main ingredient in most of the detox diets; weight watcher sprinkles cinnamon in every meal and feels full throughout the day. Have you ever wondered why? Well, cinnamon naturally suppresses the diet and controls blood sugar level. It improves insulin level and hence boosts the metabolism which makes you feel active all day long and you can burn more calories in less time. So it helps to lose weight at a faster rate and without making you feel starved or tired all day long. Also, it regulates mood swings and reduces stress.
  • Counteracts Inflammation: Whether you have swollen feet or extreme pain during menses or your bones have become brittle cinnamon is the answer to all your problems. Cinnamon has flavonoids that help to reduce inflammation, congestion and swelling. It helps to manage pain and is especially beneficial for those finding difficulty in working out due to excessive weight or pain in joints or heels.
  • Supports Cardiovascular profile: It helps to increase blood circulation, prevents blood clots and reduced bad cholesterol thereby preventing heart ailments and strengthening the cardio profile.

To conclude, these are some of the benefits of cinnamon that will inspire you to add cinnamon to your daily diet but the list is never-ending. So for overall wellness use this spice judiciously and don’t forget to have an active lifestyle.

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