Forget Pumpkin Pie: 12 Paleo Pumpkin Desserts for Thanksgiving

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For the past five years I have wanted to do Turkey curry for Thanksgiving, heck even soul food theme with a deep fried turkey turkey would be a change. However, Mr. Bejelly always gives me “the look” and shuts that dream down. You would think that I had suggested we eat dog food instead of simply change up the menu. I still remember his families reaction when I shared we were giving up grains. I had tantalized them with buttery sweet scones and flaky pie crusts and now I was going to stop doing that and eat weird food. I can’t even image what they would do if they showed up for Thanksgiving dinner and it was inspired by Chinese cuisine.

Anyhow, You know how I just got over my aversion to pumpkin and well, I figured I could shake up the tradition and do something fun and unique for dessert on Thanksgiving. After all, I would never choose pie over ice cream and cheesecake so that’s why my Foodie collection has recipes for both.

If you want to break out of your pumpkin pie shell look no further and check out the recipes in my collection. Which recipe from my collection would you make instead of pie?

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11 thoughts on “Forget Pumpkin Pie: 12 Paleo Pumpkin Desserts for Thanksgiving”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for the last several weeks which lead me to ask the questions: why are you paleo?; why are you a girl worth saving? And I read your “about’ section. The choices you’ve made and stuck to are difficult choices to keep and maintain; you clearly are a success story and you have an important story to tell – what is your driver – what keeps you focused – how do you avoid temptation etc? As we get educated on the negative impacts of grains, wheat, processed foods – people are going to be looking for information like what you have to share.

    Keep it up, you are not only worth saving: you are saving others!

  2. My mom wasn’t raised in the US, so we would have “themed” Thanksgivings- Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Vegan, etc. People thought we were weird, but what matters most is that you’re having dinner with your family- so who cares what form your turkey comes in!


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