Instagram Stories: Creative Ideas To Entice New Likes & Followers

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Last Updated on July 21, 2023

Image from Shutterstock 

Image from Shutterstock 

Are you running out of Instagram engagement ideas? If you are, it’s time to reinvigorate your marketing toolbox. And what better way to start than by using Instagram stories?

Your brand’s Instagram Story is the ideal location to promote new products, entice new followers and increase your brand’s awareness.

After all, at least 500 million users view Instagram Stories daily. So if you’re not using the feature as part of your engagement strategy, it’s no surprise you need help.

But what should you post on your Instagram Story? And how should you go about it? Fortunately, we’re here to answer those questions

This article provides creative methods to entice new likes and followers through your Instagram stories. Before we get to that, though, let’s clarify a few things about Instagram stories. Are you ready?

Let’s jump in.

What Are Instagram Stories?

An Instagram story Is a unique feature that allows you to post content that looks like a slideshow. Your story content can be uploaded as graphics, pictures, and videos containing music, gifs, stickers, interactive links, voiceovers, and much more.

Usually, Instagram stories are straightforward high-paced slides that last about 15 or 5 seconds, depending on the content type. Video posts typically last 15 seconds, and picture posts last about 5 seconds. 

All in all, every story post is connected closely in a chain-like manner and displayed one after another.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Using the stories feature is almost a no-brainer. This is because Instagram has well over a billion users, and more than 85% of them post or watch stories daily. 

Instagram stories generate plenty of traffic and interactions. This is all thanks to the algorithm and the feature’s importance within the app. Story posts are one of the first features you can access after loading the Instagram app, and it is located just below the header. 

Furthermore, Instagram stories are automatically exhausted 24 hours after posting. This feature allows and even encourages you to post each day. This way, it ensures fresh and up-to-date content for users.

Instagram stories have quickly become one of the essential features of the platform. They provide an ideal avenue to engage with new followers and audiences. It’s worth adding that you can generate more audiences if you buy genuine Instagram highlight views.

Despite this platform’s ever-increasing popularity, it isn’t easy to leverage your brand or business as an entrepreneur on the app.

Being an image-driven network that relies on pop culture and eCommerce—it can be hard to find your feet on the app. Also, understanding how to best use all its features for your benefit can be a struggle for beginners and experts alike.

That’s why Instagram stories are essential. They aren’t difficult to master, and they are the perfect gateway to boost interactions and engagement.

Creative Story Ideas to Gain New Likes and Followers 

Numerous observations show that Instagram stories are unique recipes for sharing your new content with friends and followers. 

Here are some valuable ways to attract new followers and likes via Instagram stories.

  1. Launch Your Product or Service Using Stories

Instagram stories are a suitable space to launch your new project or service. Its interface’s brief information structure can help users glimpse your upcoming deals and promos.

To launch on Instagram stories, you can use interactive Instagram stickers like countdown clocks and question markers to engage with your audience.

Using question stickers, you can ask your followers about your new services and products. Also, you can initiate responses on your new products’ functionality, features, and price while leveraging stories.

  1. Regularly Poll Your Followers

It’s a great strategy to post polls occasionally. And as you know, your Instagram story is the perfect place to post polls and get instant views that’ll benefit your business. With the Instagram polling sticker, you can ask questions and leave options for your audience to choose from.

The poll also usually comes with a unique reward feature where a follower can view the total results of the entire survey once they answer. The  Instagram story feature expertly leverages the desire to share opinions that audiences have.

Furthermore, this Instagram story feature is excellent for audience research, and you can ask for your followers’ feedback on a recent product. Find out their likes and preferences.

Also, to make your post stand out, tailor it to your brand and change your response options from the basic YES and NO to something more fun.

For instance:

Question: “Do you like more product discounts or prefer to get longer warranty periods and service?” 

Answers: “Sign me up!” or “Not really.” 
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Image from Instagram 

  1. Promote Giveaways and Competitions 

Free gifts attract everyone. So, don’t hesitate to share free resources with your audience. When running a giveaway, promote them on your Instagram story to improve your sales funnel and encourage more engagement.

You can always pair giveaways with the ‘swipe up’ feature on your story. This easily sends your followers to another page to get detailed information on your product and service.

Competitions are another method of structuring your giveaways. You can give clues to answers and see who gets them first or ask direct questions about your business to find your loyal customers. Be sure also to explain what the reward is with clear instructions on how to get it. 

  1. Use Your Story to Announce Events, Guest Appearances, and Collaboration 

If you have been able to collaborate with other popular brands or you have an important guest for a scheduled appearance, promote it in your story.

By cross-promoting the collaboration on your stories when partnering with other brands or companies, you can take advantage of their follower base when you tag them. You could also announce important events. 

This helps you always keep your followers and audiences in the loop, and you can tag your guest’s brand to increase your reach. 
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Image from @powerdigital

  1. Create a Regular Story Series

You could develop a series where you post your stories daily or weekly about different topics. It could be a Monday motivation post or a weekly dose of tips and hacks. By regularly posting a story series, you can give your followers something tangible to associate with your brand.

Remember to always mention your brand and keep the content relevant. Also, focus on marketing with intention and do it in a method that suits your brand. Do this and watch your followers’ appetite grow with every post.

  1. Repost User Generated Content on Your Stories

Learn to appreciate your followers by reposting their user-generated posts on your story. You can repost good quotes on your story from followers and credit their Instagram accounts by tagging them. Instagram notifies accounts when their content is shared on other people’s stories.  

You make your customers feel heard and seen when you share their posts. Plus, reposting UGC is a great tactic to share authentic content that’s completely value-based for followers. 

  1. Use the Question Sticker and Post Final AnswersImage from Shutterstock 

Image from Instagram 

Like the poll feature, the question sticker is another vital engagement tool for Instagram stories. You can ask questions to your audience directly and get valuable answers. These answers will then help you to source authentic and unique content. 

Also, you don’t have to ask your followers questions; you can switch it around and ask them to ask you a question. This feature is the perfect way to encourage engagement and highlight important points for the sale, production, and provision of products and services. So, in essence, it is an overall social media win!

Bottom Line

These Instagram Story ideas should be sufficient to get you started with any goals you have for your brand or company. 

Experiment with all of the tips provided here. If you find any to be more effective than others, make sure to maximize it. Simply begin small and remain consistent to get the traction you desire.

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