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Last Updated on November 20, 2019

naked collagen

Two days before my 43rd birthday I was carded. I stood there for a good minute before I realized the guy was serious.

When he looked at my ID, he got the most shocked look on his face – almost a mirror to mine ealier – and he said, I seriously thought you were only 25 years old.

By the way – I do have a witness so I’m not just experiencing so midlife crisis induced fantasy here.

While I get that some of this is genetic, I know that the fact that I am an avid consumer of collagen peptides has contributed to my youthful skin. I’ve shared in the past some of the health benefits of Collagen but here’s a quick recap.

Consuming collagen provides health benefits including joint health, youthful skin, healthy hair and protecting cartilage and bones.

Two days before my 43rd birthday I was carded. I stood there for a good minute before I realized the guy was serious.

I was pretty stoked with Naked Nutrition reached out to me to share their bestselling Naked Collagen. They sell all-natural protein powders for health conscious people, using only the purest raw ingredients.

Why this 100% Premium Grass Fed Collagen Peptides is the bees knees

  • From Pasture-raised and grass-fed bovine hides from Europe
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • 9 grams of protein and 0.6 grams of BCAA’s per serving
  • Only one ingredient – Grass-fed Bovine hide collagen peptides
  • GMO Free
  • Dairy-free, Soy-free and Gluten-free
  • Growth Hormone free, NO RBGH or RBST
  • Paleo and Keto friendly

So, when I got the jar, I had to do the cold water test. I dumped a big spoonful into my mug and stirred wondering what this experience would be like and . . . perfection. The collagen peptides completely dissolved and coffee was smooth and free of clumps.

Naked Collagen (20oz) retails for $41.99 and can be bought on their website or on Amazon.

One lucky winner gets a 20oz jar of Naked Collagen so enter below:

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  1. I hope this is where you comment for the giveaway. The naked glutamine product interests me because I suffer from leaky gut

  2. I would love to try the pea protein powder. I have been trying out some plant based proteins and can’t quite find the right one.