Paleo Menu: Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020

Paleo Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes


This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Sister-in-laws so we didn’t have to deal with a truck load of leftovers but I thought it would be helpful to share a couple of easy Thanksgiving leftover recipes and ideas for all those dishes ya’ll might have hanging around.


The Bird-

Now that you’ve picked all the meat clean you can throw the carcass in crock pot and make stock.     An easy Paleo dish to repurpose some of your turkey meat and sides is a Sheppard’s pie.    Dice an onion and add in some veggies sides, turkey meat and broth/water in a pie plate and  cover with mashed sweet potatoes.    Other ideas are take the turkey meat and make a Paleo turkey Chili or  Turkey Meatloaf or make my Chicken Potpie and use turkey instead.


The Sides

Two great ideas for re-purposing those sides are 1) Take any starchy veg – i.e. sweet potatoes, butternut, etc and mix with an egg, some grated onion and make potato or squash patties.   Yum!  You can get even more creative with the squash and make pancakes!

It’s also crazy easy to throw leftover sides in pot with some broth and make soup.   Don’t forget to use them also in omelets and salads.



No ideas here but my absolute favorite thing to do is have pecan pie with a cup of hot coffee for breakfast – oh the delightful insanity.  I’ll have to share my crust-less pecan pie recipe before Christmas.


I’d love to hear of any other Thanksgiving leftover recipes ya’ll love to make after this gastronomic holiday.

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