The Drapery Denizen: How to Pick the Perfect Curtains For Your Living Areas

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Have you ever noticed that it’s the details of a home that tend to have us falling in love with the space?

Have you ever noticed that it’s the details of a home that tend to have us falling in love with the space?

Art is a great example of this fact, and so are the right curtains which can frame a room beautifully. The trouble is, it’s hard to pick the right concept when you know how powerful this decision can be and how much it impacts the overall look of your home.

If you have been putting off this process for that reason, let’s discuss what you should be thinking about so that you can pick the perfect curtains for your living areas.

Consider made to measure curtains

Curtain manufacturers do a fantastic job of creating looks that can be assimilated into a number of home styles, but nothing assures a seamless finish like ready made curtains.

These pre-made curtains can be found in a practically limitless number of styles perfectly suited to any home.

If desired, you can effectively choose an entirely unique concept for each room of your home, or you can order pre-made eyelet options for your bedrooms, but design a made to measure curtain option for your living spaces.

The freedom is there. If you already have your heart set on a look and feel, this will be the best route to take in achieving that look in your home.

How much light, if any, do you want

Let’s park style to the side for a moment, because your curtains should be adhering to the core function of mitigating sunlight.

How much sun you want to let in will depend on who you are and the room in question. Before you land on a certain choice, make sure you are aware of sun orientation and which way it falls on each side of your house and at what time it is at its strongest.

Living spaces should receive a good amount of sunlight, and so you may wish to choose a light curtain option that only slightly filters the powerful sun. For bedrooms, you might wish to mute these streams and could look at a blackout option.

Should privacy and security be a factor in your choice?

Privacy and security are often an afterthought for homeowners, which can be a real shame as your curtains can contribute to this effort without having to change much of your home aesthetic like adding bars or installing bulky security systems.

Blockout curtains, Venetian blinds and thermal curtains are a great example of balancing style and privacy, whereas airy options will still be transparent from the other side of the window and might not provide the privacy that you had hoped them to.

Survey each room of your house, and consider which rooms will need what sort of coverage, and add that to your decision-making process.

Colour is key

Now that we have a greater understanding of the characteristics your curtains must have, you can now move on to the fun stuff.

The colour selection might seem like an easy decision, but remember that your curtains will adorn your walls for many years to come, and so you should be thinking about your options with a future lens.

Classic colours that never go out of style are white (and all variations of – cream, ivory, etc), beige, brown, navy and a couple more tones. Will these colours be incorporated into a pattern, or are you looking to lead with a block colour?

A good rule of thumb would be to ask yourself whether the colour you have chosen was in fashion one, five and ten years ago. If yes, then you have probably chosen a timeless colour that will last many more generations to come.

Also, remember that there is a difference between a fad and style, so don’t be caught with the former framing your windows.

There is clearly a lot more to think about than most people think, and when these additions are physically attached to your home it feels like they come with more finality than some of the other design choices we make on a whim.

Take your time with the process, ask the opinion of your family and friends, and always request samples before you place an order!

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