Everything you need to host a casino themed night for friends

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Last Updated on October 7, 2023

Getting together with friends at home is a great way to socialize without spending too much money. You can save on expensive bar prices by buying drinks from your local grocery store, while you can also cut back on the food bill by preparing your own meals for guests.

If you’re planning a get-together with friends, then it’s worth thinking about a particular theme for the night’s festivities. Of course, seeing those you are closest to is great in any setting, but setting a particular flavor for your event can help make it even more memorable. A casino theme is a great example of a memorable but appropriate theme, as it will be familiar to all your guests, as well as being fun and something everyone can join in on. 

In the interest of frugality and friendship, we will go over what you need to host a casino-themed night for friends, from the food and drink, through to the games and activities. With the right planning, this concept can be a real social winner.

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The games

The centerpiece of your casino-themed night with friends will be the games, and you have a few options here, depending on your budget. You can pick up home equipment, like a roulette wheel, relatively cheaply, while many companies provide the option to rent equipment. It is even possible to hire experienced staff to operate the games for you.

If you do head down this path, then be sure to chat with your guests about how the games will be played. If you’re playing for real money then be sure to set a limit that everybody is comfortable with, or you may even consider playing to raise money for a good cause.

An option that doesn’t require as much preparation and money is playing online. Most modern smartphones and smart TVs have a function that allows you to cast games to the big screen. So you can all share in the experience, while it also allows you to ‘host’ friends remotely by sharing your screen on Zoom.

If you’re unsure of which games to choose or where you could access them, there are a range of websites that provide useful starting points. For example, this guide from Bonus.CA has a list of platforms as well as introductory offers for new players. This is a simpler, cheaper option that is still memorable and fun for your guests.

Source: Pexels

The dress code

To really make your casino-themed party feel authentic, you could invite your guests to dress up. For men, we’re talking tuxedos and bowties, while ladies might sport a glamourous evening dress. You can draw inspiration from movies like James Bond and perhaps even refine your theme by selecting a particular era.

To complement the dress code, adding a few props around the house can help to create a real casino vibe. Cardboard cut-outs of casino equipment and casino-themed balloons can be picked up fairly cheaply online. You could also think about an appropriate soundtrack for your evening, with classic ambient piano one particularly worthy option.

The food

Here you can choose to use your imagination to create some casino-themed treats, or just keep things simple with some party snacks. As it’s a casino-themed night, your guests are going to be enjoying an action-packed evening, so it may be best to avoid sit-down meals with multiple courses.

Keep the snacks accessible and grabbable, and make sure there’s a mix of sweet and savory, with options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. The food doesn’t have to be the dominant aspect of your night, but you don’t want guests to be hungry.

In fact, you could even invite them to bring a dish along with them. Be sure to coordinate this to ensure there’s no doubling up – although you could argue that there’s no such thing as too much pizza!

Hopefully, this article has helped provide a little inspiration for your next social get-together. Properly planned, a casino-themed night can be a real hit with friends and family, so consider it for your next big event.

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