Why You Should Buy Supplements in Stores, Not Online

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Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Why You Should Buy You Supplements in Stores, Not Online

Online shopping is fantastic in many ways. Being able to access markets from all over the globe, and the ability to find unique and exciting products that otherwise you may have never known existed. Items are delivered straight to your door or location of your choice, and you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of a busy mall, department store, or street. Yes, this is all fantastic, and it is easy to see why online shopping such a huge hit has been. 

However, even though it has its perks, there are setbacks to purchasing goods from online retailers. From misleading product photography to fake accounts, the internet is an easy place for fraudsters to set up shop. This is why when it comes to purchasing things like vitamins, supplements, or other medicinal treatments, you should make the journey to a physical store. Here are some examples of why this is the case. 


If you’re taking supplements or prefer to use holistic remedies for common ailments, like anything, you should always seek advice before you try new products. For example, there are a lot of people who worry about taking CBD products that are made from hemp plants and their effects. If you’re using CBD products for medicinal purposes, you won’t get high as they don’t contain the THC compound. If you want to try these but want more advice, the staff at your local dispensary will be able to talk it through with you. Although you can research these things (and you probably should), getting some professional advice would be helpful. Store clerks should have the relevant information to give you on the products you want to try and speak to a doctor for expert medical advice. 

Inspect the Product Yourself

As mentioned above, misleading product photography and information can be uploaded to online retail sites by the seller. It’s easy with camera tricks and a well-written description to be fooled into purchasing something that sounds a lot better than it is. Don’t be conned into buying something that sounds as though it is a new and exciting therapy for weight-loss or natural teeth-whitening when, in reality, it’s a sugar pill or placebo. This is especially important when you’re buying well-being products, as if you’re trying to take a supplement for health reasons, you don’t want to be ingesting something potentially dangerous. 


Although online purchases are delivered to your home, if you’re unsatisfied with the product in any way, you will need to return your items to get your refund. This will require you to go to your local post office and package up everything to send it all back, which is an inconvenience. While physically going to a store might be more effort in some ways, it will reduce the chances of you having to return products after purchase as you will be able to determine the quality of these items before you buy. Furthermore, if you need to speak to a customer service representative, it’s a lot easier to resolve your issue when talking to someone face-to-face rather than via the phone or an online chat. 


Again, online retailers might appear to have competitive pricing to physical stores, but there may well be hidden costs you can’t see at first. Things like post and packaging or delivery fees aren’t always apparent when you’re shopping online and adding things to your virtual cart. Additionally, some sellers don’t include the VAT on the listed price, which gets added to your bill when you come to pay. At least with entering a physical store, you do not have to pay extra to get the products delivered to your home. 


This is another critical point when talking about supplements, vitamins, and medication. Ensuring that the products you are taking have been regulated and are safe to use is vital. There have been horror stories regarding individuals who have bought diet pills, food supplements, and other products online and have fallen ill as a result. You’re more likely to purchase questionable and potentially dangerous products via online retailers than you are from your local store. 

Support Local Business

Finally, shopping at your local store means you’re contributing to the economy of your community. The business owner will undoubtedly appreciate your custom, and you can feel better knowing that you’re purchasing quality products while supporting a local business.

Although there are many benefits to online shopping, any form of medicinal products or supplements should be purchased from local stores where you can get advice from professionals face-to-face. Your health and safety need to be a priority, so think carefully next time you go to buy these things online. 

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