20 Amazing Paleo Weight Loss Stories

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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

These 20 Paleo Weight Loss stories will both motivate and impress you. From Stacey who lost 135 lbs to Jennifer who said no to gastric Bypass and lost 100lbs!

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I remember when I first decided I was going to try the Primal Diet.  There was a paleo diet success story on Mark’s Daily Apple where a guy shared his before and after photos and I was stunned.

I was amazed by how much his health was transformed by the Paleo diet! I started seeing stories of people who had healed their Type 2 Diabetes when they stopped fueling their bodies with sugar and started following a paleo meal plan with custom shopping lists and recipes instead.

I started seeing stories of people improving their mental health on the paleo diet.  I started reading stories of women with PCOS who got pregnant for the first time.

I knew that I had to try it and while I’m also blessed to be an amazing paleo diet success story.  I have gone from a size 28 to a 16 and maintained this weight for 7 years.

I wanted to share some amazing Paleo Weight Loss Success Stories to help you see why this is such an incredible diet and lifestyle for anyone.

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20 Paleo Weight Loss Success Stories

See how removing grains and focusing on healthy real whole food with the Paleo diet helped these 20 people lose weight and take control of their health.

10 thoughts on “20 Amazing Paleo Weight Loss Stories”

  1. Hubs and I are off to check them all out. We love weight loss before and after pictures. Wish there was a magazine that published nothing but success stories with photos. We’d subscribe!

  2. I am blown away by all the success stories. It is so inspiring for someone like me who struggles with my weight. I’m bookmarking this to come back and read all these stories later.

  3. We are thinking about it. 🙂 I purchased Practical Paleo (which has staggered me with all of the info in it!) and am reading through it now. I chose THAT particular book because of the variety of 30-day meal plans. It takes all of the guesswork out as you’re learning about the Paleo lifestyle.

  4. I began taking the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse on December 20th, 2014 and have been on it for 3+ weeks now. I have currently lost 15.5 lbs in 3 weeks. I have had absolutely no negative symptoms and actually had to start just taking one pill and only taking it in the morning.

    I still have 43 lbs to go for my goal weight. I am hoping to lose another 5 lbs in the next week with this product.

    I will begin going more frequently to the gym now, as I have shed a few pounds that has motivated me.


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