6 Simple Tips to Keep Accidents Away From Your Kitchen

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

One of the busiest places in a home is the kitchen. It is where meals are prepared, where people can have a family time together and it is a place where the risk of an accident is high. 

One of the busiest places in a home is the kitchen. It is where meals are prepared, where people can have a family time together and it is a place where the risk of an accident is high. 

During the holidays, family, friends and loved ones have an opportunity to visit one another and most of the large table meals are home cooked, where? Right there in the kitchen!

Wouldn’t it be great to be assured of your safety and that of your loved ones, while using the kitchen? 

1. Keep a Close Watch on Your Home Appliances

Do you use an electric cooker? If you do, then you should always ensure that it is unplugged after use. Not all accidents come with a loud warning sign. Some are triggered by the things we pay the least attention to, like leaving an exposed electrical appliance within the reach of little children. 

Before you go to bed, check the gas stove and ensure it is properly closed. You can also look at other areas of the kitchen, especially the sockets to ensure nothing is plugged in carelessly.

2. Have a Home Insurance Plan

To reduce the risk and liabilities that accompany accidents at home, you need to insure your home. If you do not know how to go about this, you can start by finding out the package that is available to you under accident insurance. 

In fact, most insurance brokers are willing to guide you through on how to access the right coverage to secure your home and loved ones. 

We all don’t like the idea of an accident in the kitchen, whether or not it is self instigated. 

However, if we can lower the risk, then we should.

3. Keep The Environment Clean

Oil spills, unwashed dishes, cluttered bins, and so on. If this sounds like the conditions under which your meals are prepared, you are literally setting up yourself for the worst. 

Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy does not only improve your personal hygiene, it also reduces the  chances of a slip or a cut. So then, if you observe stains of oil on the floor, clean it up immediately. 

Declutter congested spaces in your kitchen as well and keep only useful items in your cabinets. You will also want to do away with empty tin cans because a little mishandling of the metallic can might lead to very serious injuries.

4. Keep All Dangerous Objects Away

It’s a kitchen anyway, which means you will need to use tools like a knife and similar objects. 

However, if you have children living inside the home with you, then you should keep the dangerous objects away in a drawer. If you want to keep the knives away, it is better to store them in a knife block instead of exposing them in the drawer. That way, no one will get hurt when looking through the drawer either during the day or at night. 

In the case of heavy equipment, like your electric blender, toast bread machine and so on, it’s a lot better when you store them in a lower shelf to keep them from falling off. 

Also, do not forget to return these dangerous items to the safe place you took them from. If you practice these safety measures frequently, it won’t be long before it becomes a norm in your home.

5. Store Chemicals In A Safe Location

Children are so innocent, and it might take them a while to learn how to differentiate between a dishwasher soap and a fruit juice. Especially when it has the same color as their favorite juice. 

That is one of the main reasons why you will need to keep items like strong cleaners and dishwashers out of their reach. There is nothing wrong in storing these items away in the cabinet and locking it up. 

At least it’ll lower the chances of anyone consuming them unknowingly, especially children.

6. Minimize Distractions

Many homes have been affected simply because someone wanted to “quickly reply to a chat or text message.” Does that sound funny to you? It shouldn’t. Cooking in the kitchen with lots of distractions from emails that you need to reply, social media chats etc can make you forget so easily that the gas is still turned on. 

As much as possible, keep the distractions away while working in the kitchen, so that you can be more productive at what you are doing.

Accidents in kitchens can be reduced in every home if only homeowners will practice these tips. Your kitchen should be a safe haven and you can make it happen.

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