Making Your Home a Space to Encourage Healthy Living

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Just about all of us will agree that we want to live a healthier lifestyle. The reality of doing it, however, is much more complicated.

Just about all of us will agree that we want to live a healthier lifestyle. The reality of doing it, however, is much more complicated.

In fact, Healthline reports that an overwhelming ‘97% of Americans are failing to meet ideal ‘healthy lifestyle’ criteria that can protect their hearts.’

What is getting in the way? About 40% say that information overload makes it difficult to pin down the best ways to get healthy. For your sanity — and for the sake of your health — keep it as simple as possible. Start by focusing on your home. Take steps to tweak and tailor your home to encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. To get started:

Transform Your Basement into a Fitness Hub

Sometimes, in order to accomplish our goals, we have to remove the obstacles that are in the way. If you find yourself continually unable or unwilling to make the trip to the gym, try eliminating that trip altogether. Consider turning your basement into a veritable fitness hub instead with an electrical treadmill under $200.

To do that, make sure your basement has adequate heating and cooling for working out during any season and in all types of weather. If your basement is unfinished, that may require adding insulation or installing new ductwork. Install durable flooring that can withstand the impact of jumping, dropped weights, and heavy fitness equipment.

Not only does converting your basement into a gym save you the commute, but it also stands to improve your financial health as well. Finishing or renovating your basement packs an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 77.6%.

Eating Healthier Starts With the Right Kitchen

Just like eliminating the drive to the gym can help, making small but important changes can be a great boon to healthy living as well. For example, fill it with items that encourage healthy eating. Display a fruit bowl prominently on the counter, and purchase an expensive cutting board for chopping up fresh fruits and vegetables.

Install Money-Saving Appliances

The Department of Energy (DOE) reveals that a full 18% of your household energy goes to heating your water. By paying slightly more for an energy-efficient water heater initially, you can significantly reduce this energy expenditure and cut back on long-term costs. How do money-saving appliances help you live a healthier lifestyle?

Money problems account for a great deal of the stress we feel in our day-to-day lives. By focusing on our financial health, we eliminate that stress and promote better mental and physical health. Plus, having some wiggle room in your finances will give you the funds necessary to create a home gym, buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and more.

A Few Words About Natural Light

Natural light boosts moods and promotes quality, restful sleep. Open window treatments during the day and/or use window treatments, like light-filtering curtains, that naturally let light in without being too overwhelming or contributing to glare.

Turn Your Garage Shed Into a Workout Space

Don’t have a basement or is your basement ill-equipped to use as a gym space? Think outside of the box. There are plenty of alternatives, like converting your garage shed into the perfect spot.

Like the basement, make sure your garage shed is weather-proof with adequate heating and cooling. Search for discounts on new exercise equipment or browse resources, like Facebook Marketplace, for inexpensive secondhand equipment.

A word of caution: you must be certified to work with gas lines and any appliances or fixtures powered by natural gas. If you will be using gas for heating or for any other application, consider hiring a professional.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is much easier to do when you live in a healthy home. Craft a home that is best suited to your new lifestyle by installing an at-home gym, making small changes in the kitchen, inviting more natural light inside your home, and by purchasing money-saving appliances.

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