Different Types of Toilet Seats

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Last Updated on April 25, 2024

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We all use toilets on a daily basis, but have you noticed that there are various types of toilet seats? They usually differ by the shape, material, color, and features that they provide. Let’s check out all types of toilet seats that you can find in the market.

3 Shapes of Toilet Seats

Obviously, the first thing that we should mention when it comes to the difference between toilet seats is their shape. They can be either round, open, or elongated.

1. Round Toilet Seats

A round toilet seat is usually between 16 and 17 inches long, unlike elongated which are around 17-18 inches long. Round toilet seats usually come in a standard size. While square seats have a closed front design, round seats can be found with both closed and open front designs.

2. Open or U-Shaped Seats

U-shaped toilet seats are a requirement in public places in the United States. Being U-shaped, these toilet seats provide more hygiene since they protect the toilet from urine drips. Also, these seats allow easier wiping, since the person’s hand doesn’t have to touch the toilet.

3. Oval or Elongated Seats

These types of toilet seats are most commonly installed in commercial bathrooms and are usually made of materials such as stainless steel. Elongated toilet seats are also more comfortable, but they are not an ideal choice for compact bathrooms. Compared to traditional round seats, elongated seats are also a bit more expensive.

4 Main Materials of Toilet Seats

Toilet seats are made from various materials. The most common include wood, plastic, polyresin, and porcelain.

  1. Wooden Seats

If you want to buy a wooden toilet seat, you can choose between molded and solid wood. Natural wood is a good choice since it easily fits most bathrooms and is widely available. You can choose between dull and high-gloss finishes. Besides natural wood, you can also choose between bamboo and fiberboard. These seats are very durable, but you can easily damage a wooden seat by using the wrong cleaner.

  1. Plastic Seats

These seats are a very common option in most households. However, if you want to change the color of your seat, the only way to do it is to buy a new one. Also, if you live in areas where cold weather is common, you will notice that the seat is often cold and uncomfortable. They are also prone to splitting if it’s too cold for a long time.

  1. Polyresin Seats

These seats are much more flexible and lightweight compared to wooden and even plastic counterparts. A nice thing about them is that you can find them in many colors and designs. You can also find them in themes such as Halloween, Christmas, and similar.

  1. Porcelain Seats

These seats are not very popular, but they are durable. On the other hand, they might be prone to cracking, and they can be quite expensive. You should consider that before buying a porcelain toilet seat.

5 Main Features – Toilet Seats

Here we listed five important features to help you chose the best for your home. There are many benefits of each of these features. For more information about toilet seats, please visit https://www.toiletable.com/best-toilet-seats/ 

  1. Custom Seat

Toilet seats nowadays come in many shapes and colors. However, if you want a model that will perfectly match your bathroom, you can order a custom toilet seat. Some manufacturers will allow you to literally send an image that you want to be printed on your toilet seat.

  1. Lighted Seat

Another thing you might like is a lighted toilet seat. They usually come with a LED light on the backside of the seat, which helps avoid turning on the bathroom light at night. Also, most lighted seats come in a wide variety of light colors.

  1. Soft-Closing Seat

Seats that have a soft-closing feature usually tend to last longer. With this feature, they prevent unintentional slamming, which directly affects the lifespan of a seat.

  1. Raised Seat

This option is very popular, especially among tall people, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Being raised, the seat is much easier to use and prevents pain in the knees after prolonged use. This feature can greatly enhance the comfort and accessibility of facilities within a retirement home for your loved one, promoting their well-being and independence.

  1. Heating Ability

If you live in a cold area, you must have noticed how cold the seat can be at night. Buying a seat with a heating ability would be an excellent investment in that situation. Most units will allow you to choose between three settings, and can even remember settings for each member of your family. However, you should know that these seats tend to cost a bit more.

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