7 Day Paleo Diet Plan

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Last Updated on October 31, 2022

7 day paleo weight loss meal plan

We have all heard the old adage that if we have good health, we have everything. But how do we ensure vibrant health?

As the New Year looms, people are looking for new ways to trim down and eat healthier.

Yes, there are a lot of “diet” plans out there, but do they really work? Most are passing fads, and many are based on not-so-healthy eating plans. But there’s much more to losing weight.

You want to be healthy too! Going Paleo helps you do both! But where to start?

How about using this easy 7 day Paleo Weight Loss Meal Plan?

My goal here at A Girl Worth Saving is to make the Paleo lifestyle straightforward, fun and savory, so to get your year started off right, I want to offer you a real solution for being the leaner, healthier you…easily and tastily!

This sample 7-day Paleo meal plan (similar to a perfect keto plan) shows you how accessible and yummy the Paleo way can be. To make it even easier, I’ve built recipes into the plan to help you enjoy some of the best tastes that Paleo has to offer.

Even though this plan is for 7 days, there is a good deal of wiggle room since there will be leftovers for several of these meals.

You can enjoy those for lunches and even breakfast, to cut down the amount of cooking required.

I personally love to make up larger portions of recipes so that I can pop leftovers in the freezer for a day when I don’t have time to cook. It’s also a good idea to weight out your foods so you can see how many calories you are ingesting and help you figure out how many ounces are in a cup of food.

Feel free also to move around the recipes to fit your schedule.

There is no magic order to these; unlike some “diets,” you don’t need to eat certain foods in a certain order. You don’t even have to count calories! Just create and enjoy!

Here’s to your health!

Eggs, bacon and fruitPaleo oven-baked chicken nuggets and sautéed carrotsSlow-cooker Chili VerdeRaw veggies with guacamole
Blueberry Kale SmoothieLeftover Paleo chicken nuggetsPizza Burgers and Crispy-roasted sweet potatoes with lime and cilantroAlmonds and berries
Scrambled eggs with salsaDelicata squash soupEasy coconut chicken and Paleo crispy noodlesHard- boiled eggs
Banana and cream paleo oatmealPaleo fish sticks and Sweet chili Brussel sproutsPizza casserole and a fresh garden saladKale chips
Ham and leftover sweet chili Brussel sprout omeletPepperoni Pizza tater tots with saladSlow-cooker Chocolate Chicken Mole with cauliflower riceMacadamia nuts
Berries in coconut milkPaleo Thai chicken burgers with SaladRoasted celeriac with smoked pancetta, mushrooms and leekBeef jerky
Low-carb crepes with blueberry cream cheese fillingGinger chicken with fresh green saladDry-rubbed oven-baked pork spare ribs with steamed green beansCarrots dipped in baba ganoush

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  1. Thanks for this. My problem is I don’t eat stuff like mushrooms, brussel sprouts, kale, Thai, cauliflower, squash. Gag reflex thing.


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