Energizing Morning Exercises to Help You Study

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Last Updated on December 3, 2023

How To Have More Energy In The Morning 


Do you find yourself lagging around half-asleep in the mornings? Students, in particular, are at risk for low energy. But there is an answer, and it isn’t just more coffee. There are specific exercises that will boost your energy and sharpen your concentration.  One of them is boxing, but before you get started, you should wear good quality boxing gloves to protect your hands during a fight or training.It might seem counter-intuitive, but it works! Try any or all of these for yourself, and you’ll quickly see improvement. This is the best morning exercise for energy, and you won’t have to pay a thing. Best of all? You can do it in your pajamas.

Full Body Stretches

You should always start your workout with some good, full-body stretches. This helps in getting your muscles limber. Good blood flow is the real secret behind how to have energy in the morning. If you’re a college student, you are likely to remember the stretches they taught you in the gym. If you don’t, a quick internet search will show you basic, but useful, stretches.


A bit of a step-up from stretches is yoga. It combines both the stretching along with core and strength workouts, depending on the routine you follow. Most exercised of this type also have a meditative focus. Look for a good, energizing routine that can be done quickly and is within your abilities. There is a yoga routine for anyone, from the very beginner to the experienced person in the field of exercises. You don’t have to buy a mat, though that would be a good investment if you want to get beyond the basics. Otherwise, make sure you work out on a surface that isn’t slippery.


Jog or Walk

Almost everyone knows that a walk can help you clear your head. But, on days when you wake up feeling tired and slow, hitting the pavement (or the treadmill) can help you get your brain activated again. The one you choose depends on your own speed. If you’re not already in the habit of jogging, starting out walking is excellent. If you’re on a treadmill (or in a nice neighborhood), you can even spend this time looking for an essay writing service, like EduBirdie that you may need. For seasoned runners, you can probably browse the best essay writing services in Australia while you run. Or mull over your own ideas on what to write about in a paper while you run. Just be mindful of your surroundings and your abilities, or the “service” you need might be a doctor!

Jumping Jacks

This is more standard “high school gym” fare. However, it’s a good one. Jumping jacks require a lot of movement but don’t take you very far, making them one of the best morning workouts at home you can have. Sure, you can’t exactly look for those essay writing services in Australia like you could with walking or jogging, but it will do your own body a service in getting the blood pumping quickly from the privacy of your own living room.


This is an exercise you can actually do at your desk. Squats are a powerful tool, the one that can be done practically anywhere where your feet can stand slightly more than shoulder-width apart. In this case, after your stretches, you can do a few deep squats, to really stretch your leg muscles. There are different variations of the standard squat, for people who want to try something new. But, if you’re new to the concept, a few of the traditional ones will wake you up quickly.



Another traditional exercise that has a lot of variations, the lunge is a way to stretch your legs while also focusing on your core. The focus it puts on your muscles will shake you out of your fog and will get your body ready for a few hours of sitting at a desk and studying. Different kinds of lunges will affect different parts of the body. Try a few out, and see, which one works best for you.


Not just of the viral internet variety, either! A proper plank in the morning will keep you awake and alert throughout the entire day. This is an especially good workout for your core since those are the muscles that you must use to keep yourself horizontal. As your core wakes up, your body and mind will wake up, as well. Use different twists on the original plank to work out even more muscles and make a more significant impact along with a flat belly.


Last, but certainly not least, are push-ups. The bane of many gym classes, but an excellent all-around exercise that almost everyone can do. This, along with the full-body stretches above, is all a beginner really needs to do at first. It provides an upper-body workout while helping you to focus on your core, making it useful. It also doesn’t take much room just enough for you to lie down on the floor. If you can’t manage the traditional push-ups, you can balance on your knees with your ankles crossed for a modified and less-difficult push-up.

A good morning workout is a secret to early-morning energy. For students wanting to drag themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn and hit the books, it’s more effective than coffee, soda, or any other energy drink. No matter your level of skills is, there is an exercise that can wake you up and get you moving such as walking outdoors or using an electric treadmill under $200. Check out coursework writing service by EssayWritingService.com for more helpful tips.

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