Healthy Snacks To Make If You’re An Avid Golfer

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Last Updated on April 11, 2024

Golf is a game of mental and physical strength, and you need sustenance to maintain high concentration levels. 

Golf is a game of mental and physical strength, and you need sustenance to maintain high concentration levels. 

A snickers bar may be a nice treat when you’re golfing with your friendly Saturday morning foursome, but when you’re in the heat of the moment at the club championship, a healthy snack will give you a leg up over the competition.

Even if you’re not a highly competitive golfer, anyone who plays a lot needs to replenish the calories burned to get the most enjoyment. Here are the best healthy snacks to make if you’re an avid golfer. 

What Kind Of Snacker Are You?

We all have our preferences, and I’ve covered a wide range of snacks below, but it’s always important to have your favorites. That way, when you do play in high-stress matches, you’ll have your comfort snack to provide energy and focus when you need it most. 

These snacks are all healthy, lightweight, and don’t need refrigeration, perfect for hot afternoons on the course. Golf course snacks should all have these in common;

  • Dry, so your hands don’t get messy
  • Quick and easy to make so you can get to the course on time
  • More fulfilling than all the empty-calorie snacks that dominate the 19th hole

Best Healthy Snacks To Make If You’re An Avid Golfer

Easily make and then store these healthy snacks in your golf bag, so you’re never left stranded searching for the beverage cart. 

  1. Healthy Nut Energy Bars

Yes, you can make these, and they are surprisingly easy. They will satisfy your sweet tooth, but you won’t feel guilty about having them in the morning. 

In fact, the morning is the best time to have them because of all the nutrients packed in there. They will give you energy if you’re in a rush to make your tee time and need to scarf something down in the first fairway. Here’s my favorite recipe, but you can modify it to your specific tastes.   

  1. Dehydrated Fruit

This simple process of preserving fruits has been around for centuries. It requires little effort and makes all your favorite fruits enjoyable for a long time. 

For the best results, get an official dehydrator, but you can also use a conventional oven. Fruit is the most popular food to dehydrate, but you can do vegetables and even meats, so your dehydrator will stay busy.   

This is the best option if you want to just keep something in your golf bag at all times. You won’t have to worry about it spoiling and stinking up everything. It’s perfect for the golfer who wants to snack often throughout the round. You can quickly grab one here and there. 

  1. Beef Jerky

For those who want a salty and savory option, this meat snack is perfect for the golf course. This is a top-tier healthy snack because of all the chewing you do. It tricks your body into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have, so you feel full quickly. 

You can make these at home or grab a bag from almost any corner store in the world. This is another reason to get a dehydrator. 

Perfect for a boost of energy on the 12th green to make it down the home stretch. This will suit golfers who don’t like to snack but realize they must in order to keep their energy up. It’s not messy, doesn’t spoil, and gives you the satisfaction of something more robust.  

  1. Zesty Nacho Kale Chips

If you really want to impress your playing partners, whip up a batch of these healthy kale chips. The specialty flavor is perfect for the golf course and will be different from anything you find at the halfway house. 

Not only delicious, but they are also lightweight, so for those who walk the course, this is the best option. Make them in a bunch of different flavors, and you’ll probably have a lot of people asking you for the recipe. 

  1. Classic Banana

A staple in most golf bags, the banana has helped golfers focus on the last few holes too many times to count. Its health benefits are high for any time of day but when you’re mentally and physically exhausted on the course. This sweet fruit is always there to give you a quick pick me up. 

Looking to mix things up on the course? The Left Rough is a goldmine for unique golf games to play with your mates. Pair these games with the healthy snacks we’ve talked about, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an unforgettable day of golf.

Golfers love this food for its easy transportation as well. It comes in its own biodegradable packaging, so you don’t have to worry about finding a trash can. Just don’t leave anywhere on the well-manicured course.

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