Living a Paleo on a Budget: Coupons

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020



One of the things I always forget to include in my grocery cost saving plan is coupons.  I’ve used coupons on pastured meats, dairy, olive oils, sea salt and more.  So where to find coupons?  Here’s a list of posts  where I complied a list of Organic/natural companies that have coupons on the web:

Organic Coupons Roundup: A – C

Organic Coupons Roundup: D – N

Organic Coupons Roundup: O – Z


Also keep your eye out for coupons in the store.  I’m ashamed to admit that I will take 90% of the coupons I find in the store for  a product I use.

Do not forget to check store brands.  I learned this lesson recently when I was shopping for apple sauce.  I picked up my normal brand and then my  Budget pinching angel said “Girl, you better check the store brands” and low and behold I found an organic apple sauce for double the quantity and half the price of my normal brand.   Please believe that I have taken another look at our grocery list and made some brand adjustments.


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  1. I am going to check your coupon sources. I also like to purchase items on line like vitacost and amazon prime because you can get good prices. I often buy coconut oil from these places.


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