Living Paleo on a Budget: Tip #3 Poultry

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020



When it comes to the Paleo diet meat is where the money goes.    In this post I’m going to focus mainly on poultry and ways to save on it.    The last time I priced pastured Chickens they were $6.99/lb.  Yeah.  I have never spent this much money on a bird, even back in the day when Mr. Bejelly and I were DINKS (Double income no kids).

One of the main concerns about conventionally raised chickens is that they have high level of arsenic – it’s in their food ya’ll.  Also, I know you’ve seen the videos where they cram hundreds of chicken in a tiny space.  I’ve raised chickens and they are messy beasts.  Cute.  but messy.  When you pack animals in a tight space like that you have to give them antibiotics (which you get to eat) and they’re mucking about in a lot of bacteria.


(Judge Judy – one of the chickens that we raised)

Ok, so how to save on the bird.  First there are some brands that tested so low on arsenic it’s barely traceable –

  • Gerber’s Poultry
  • Raised Right
  • Smart Chicken
  • Rosie and Rocky Jr by Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poutry is a brand that you can buy from Azure Standard at a fraction of  the price of retail stores.

Also, look for brands that are labeled “Antibiotic-free” as they are often arsenic free.

1) Check with local poultry farmers and grill them on how they raise their chickens.  I’m lucky to live in Oregon and I have two local poultry brands – Foster Farms and Draper Valley I can buy.  Draper Valley Chickens are always going on sale for 80 cents a pound so I tend to stock up like crazy when they go on sale.  Watch the ads for sales on the brands you have found and also talk to the butcher in your grocery store and ask them when they typically mark down the meat.

2) Check with your local farm store and craigslist.  A lot of meat growers will have fliers or have meat for sale at them.  I found an amazing cattle grower 30 minutes from my house and was able to get grass-fed steaks, roasts, ribs for $5/lb.  Ground beef was $2.50/lb.     Also, be prepared to haggle.  Yes, break out your haggle skills and buy in bulk to get a better discount.

3) Raise them yourself or convince a friend with land to raise them with you.  I don’t know if it will work out for us in our next home but I would love enough land to raise chickens for meat.

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    • A lot of local farmers here put ads on craigslist 🙂 If the chicken is labeled organic than they are feed organic food. However, organic chicken feed can still have arsenic in it. Crazy huh. If you check out the link to Foster Farms you’ll see how specific they are about the food that they feed the chickens.


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