Why Self Care For Men is Just as Important

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Last Updated on December 7, 2020

Are you a man – and not sure how to approach self-care for yourself (or why you should)?

Here’s why self care for men is just as important as it is for women, and how to approach it.

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Depression, anxiety and conditions related to these are diagnosed at an increasing rate every single day. 

If you have been feeling depression, dejected or confused about general life, it could be more than just your average bad week. It might be the signs and symptoms of clinical depression or any number of mental health conditions that are related to them.

Undiagnosed mental health conditions are common.

The good news is that these conditions can be diagnosed and managed.

I’ve received many e-mails from readers who think they might struggle with depression or anxiety. I always recommend that they see a mental health professional, and I always recommend that they try to focus on self-care as a possible coping mechanism.

Men often forget about self-care.

The thing is.. Depression and anxiety are diagnosed just as often in men as they are in women. Men are no less prone to these conditions than anyone else – but the fact that many men try to hide their symptoms and “get through it” is a common mistake.

Even though I’ve tried to answer every e-mail, I’d like to continue some of the thoughts in this post.

Are you a man – and not sure how to approach self-care for yourself (or why you should)?

Here’s why self-care is just as important for you, and how to approach it.

Self Care for Men

It’s hard for most people to admit when they need help.

As a man, I also realize that most men find it even more difficult to admit to friends or family when life is getting them down.

Why do we as guys approach self-care differently – and why do so many men say that they don’t bother to focus on it?

I’d like to elaborate on some of what I’ve already said in previous posts. Self-care matters. If you’re taking care of anyone else right now, self-care matters even more.

What Men Are Taught

A lot of guys aren’t taught how to deal with their emotions. Many guys don’t even stop to think about the fact that their emotions are there at all. We’re taught that it’s not okay to talk about it, or we’re taught to keep feelings somewhere other people won’t see them. We’re taught self care is selfish.

These lessons have attached a lot of stigma to being depressed or unable to cope. 

It’s okay to admit when you can’t.

Without Self Care…

I’d like to start with an honest question.

Can you take care of other people when you aren’t taking the right care of yourself? 

The most obvious answer is no. Yet many guys don’t see what the fuss is about when talking about self-care. I’ve seen enough proof in my inbox.

Do you trust a surgeon who forgot to wear socks? Probably not. Self-care matters, and that’s why, no matter what it is you do for a living.

Everyone Needs Help

I think there is not a single person on earth who hasn’t needed a little help. 

Once you can see the truth behind this, you can see how important self-care is to you (and people around you). 

Admitting you need help is human.

It’s not weak, it’s not a problem for anyone. It’s not selfish, and it’s never the wrong thing to do. 

When you admit you need help, it’s easier to cope. 

Setting Up Support

Any professional will tell you the same thing I’m about to mention.

Support is important.

A reliable support network of friends or family members can be an essential part of self-care. No matter what you were taught when you were younger, you should be taking care of yourself – and it’s okay to show your emotions when you feel the need to.

I also recommend that people find added professional support by seeing a psychiatrist.

While a support network helps self-care, a psychiatrist is qualified to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

Finding A Local Psychiatrist Near You

Need help?

It’s important to find a local psychiatrist near you. 

A psychiatrist can diagnose conditions and treat them from there. A qualified psychiatrist can also recommend treatment options where necessary, or prescribe the correct coping techniques and medication to manage mental health better.

I’ve noticed that it’s common for men to say they don’t know what to look for in a local psychiatrist. 

Find someone you can be professionally comfortable with. Also look for someone who comes recommended – and make sure they are a qualified psychiatrist in your area or state. This is easy to verify online.

Click this link to read more about what you should look for in a psychiatrist near you.

man journaling - self care for men

How Men Can Approach Self-Care

Self-care is just as important to men as to everyone else. Even though it gets understated or forgotten about, it’s important to your mental and physical health. 

I’ve put together these quick tips for how men can (and should) approach self-care.

1. First, Admit Its Needed

Has this post helped you to see why self-care is a necessary thing? The first thing men can do is to admit that they need self-care – and that it’s okay to say it. Next steps can only be taken from there.

2. Ask For Help

People won’t know when you need help if you aren’t able to tell them. A support network is important for this reason. When you need to ask for help, do you have someone to talk to?

3. Create A Self-Care Checklist

Self-care is easy to forget when life is happening around you. I recommend the use of a self-care checklist to make things easier. This way you can make sure you’re also taking care of yourself.

4. Use Small Things

The term self-care doesn’t have to refer to elaborate, busy activities that take up chunks from your day. Care can also be about the little things. Make sure these little things that allow you to relax, unwind and cope are part of your day – and part of your self-care list.

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