The top 4 Veganism trends of 2018

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Last Updated on December 7, 2023

While 2017 came with its’ own goodies, 2018 also has numerous things and changes to offer. 2017 had hot veganism trends, but with 2018, the vegan lifestyle is better and goes beyond plant intake making it sweeter and a wonderful experience.

New trends along with the introduction of new ingredients and recipes bring along a lot to see in the food industry. For vegans maintaining a healthy diet is still as important as any other person on a different diet. Even when feeding on plant products, one can still live a healthy lifestyle.

Stores such as Boggiatto Produce that sell high-quality plant products are great places to select the best vegan produce so as to increase the nutritional content of ones’ food while on a vegan diet. Here are top four vegan trends of 2018.


For vegans, fruits are among one of the top nutritional recommendations that any vegan is advised to consume in large amounts. In 2018 we have superfruits that are mostly served during meals such as breakfast, in the form of snacks, adding the nutritional value of the meal.

Apart from blueberries,  Acai berries, avocados, and pomegranates, other fruits such as jackfruits, kiwi fruits, dragon fruits and baobab fruits are a great option to supplement vitamins and minerals while still enjoying a tasty meal.

Dairy-free vegan options

Many non-vegans feed on dairy products and on the opposite side in 2018, we see more and more vegans now embracing nondairy products which are a growing trend in the vegan world.

The rate of vegan nondairy products is on the rise with numerous nondairy products to choose from that vegans can include in their diet with the projected to continue increasing in the years to come. Vegan recipes are also available which can be prepared using nondairy milk, which includes vegan yogurts, cheese among other dairy-free products.

Street food vegan options

For travelers who love a taste of different cuisines from different parts of the world, you will not miss anything new if you happen to be a vegan in 2018. Street foods have incorporated vegan diets and recipes, offering travelers and locals a wide variety of vegan delicacies, mostly being vegan burgers and light snacks.

A range of classic vegan dishes can also be prepared at home, which includes cauliflower pizza, vegetable smoothies, and vegetable noodles fall into some of the top trending vegan foods and beverages.

Veggie Chips

While there is a high campaign against junk food and need to invest in healthy lifestyles, people are still snacking on potato chips as an easier option when it comes to fast foods. For most people that do not have ample time for food preparation, many are resorting to vegetable chips, which are prepared in a much healthier way than the normal potato chips.

You can also make vegetable chips at the comfort of your home using the recipes available all over the internet as long as you know the correct nutritional content. Heck you can even tweak your favorite gluten free mac and cheese recipe and use dairy-free cheese and milks to pull it all together. .

While many people think that a vegan lifestyle is boring, the above trends depict otherwise. For those that want a change in their vegan diet, lists of vegan food, recipes such as casseroles and lasagna can be found online for a variety of menus.  

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