What Not to Do in Your Car Accident Case

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Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? If you have, you might attest that it is not the best situation to be in. Most car accident cases are inevitable, while others are due to recklessness of the road users.

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? If you have, you might attest that it is not the best situation to be in. Most car accident cases are inevitable, while others are due to recklessness of the road users.

If your car happens to be the cause of the accident, it is normal to panic. Such feelings are uncontrollable, but it would be wise to clear your mind.

If you happen to be the victim, you may be angry at the other party, but this will not help you solve any problem. Here are some of the things that you ought to avoid in your car accident case.

Do Not Flee the Scene

If you happen to be in a car accident and your first impulse is to run away, this could be a bad idea. Fleeing is a punishable offense by law. You can be forced to pay fines or serve jail time due to such an act. 

Irrespective of how harmless it may seem, getting out and checking the extent of damage caused is always important. Check whether the other driver has incurred severe injuries that may need medical attention.

Do Not Admit to Being at Fault

Admitting to being at fault can be interpreted through the words you utter during the accident scene. If you keep on apologizing to make the other party feel better, it can be highly misquoted. It can negatively affect your case since the jury will think you are guilty when presented with such evidence.

To avoid such scenarios, you should let your Louisville car accident lawyer handle the case. Your Louisville car accident lawyer will urge you to avoid talking to anyone regarding the case until it is solved.

Failing to Contact the Police

Alerting the police is essential regardless of whether you are the one who has caused the accident or not. The police will file a report and take photos of the scene. Such valuable information can be used as proof in case you are the one to seek for compensation.

Before you are eligible for compensation by your insurance company, you must first provide the police number showing the case is already reported.

Not Collecting Enough Evidence

When your car is involved in an accident, it is vital to collect as many shreds of evidence as possible. You may be in a state of shock, but you might be sure that such information will save you a whole ton of problems.

Make sure you take as many pictures as possible from all angles. Photos can be proof to show the exact situation of the accident. With them as the pieces of evidence, it will be much easier to claim for compensation.

Ensure you also note the driver’s license number and their phone numbers. Also, check their insurance company and policy number; it might be of help to your lawyer. 

Correct contact information is a great start to help your Louisville car accident lawyer to build a case.

Do Not Settle Quickly

It is tempting to take first offers to resolve the case faster. In the long run, this will not be a befitting plan. You should be patient and let your lawyer handle your case, and in the end, you will get the compensation you deserve.

Failing to Prioritize Your Health

Health is a vital part of your well-being. It should be your priority. After an accident, make sure to go to your family doctor for a checkup if you didn’t immediately go to the hospital. Some underlying physical problems may not emerge instantly. 

It is essential to keep those records since they can be used to show that you also had to incur medical charges. Avoid telling people that you were not injured since it can affect your case negatively


Car accidents are unplanned occurrences that can leave you devastated. You must know what to do during that period. Your personal injury lawyer will help you get full compensation for any physical injury you might have incurred. These guidelines will help you know what to do in case of such an incident.

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