100 Squat Challenge Update, Blood Work and it’s Not my Thyroid

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

Squat workout for a tight butt

I’ve successfully done 100 squats a days since May 27th and honestly without partner in crime Jen from Pretty n’ Paleo battling it out right beside me, I may have quit.  It’s also even more inspiring to me that Jen is 7 months pregnant ya’ll.

No joke. I couldn’t even walk a quarter of a mile when I was pregnant.  I tried and was miserable.   That this strong woman is doing this every day is incredible to me. It wasn’t easy at first like the others but once you put your heart into it and motivate yourself into achieving your goal weight and ideal body figure then it will all be worth it. Aside from motivation and discipline, a good pair of squat shoes featured on Shoe Adviser will add value and comfort to your 100 squats challenge journey.

The third day of the challenge,  I was so sore but I pushed through it and Mr. Bejelly has reported that my butt is looking better, lol.   I can see a difference too and another thing that I love about this workout is that it’s just small amounts of effort throughout the day so I can fit it in.  I was failing at trying to schedule an hour to work out and that constant failure was just another reason why I couldn’t lose weight.

I also had my annual visit with my doctor and ran a bunch of blood work.  My fasting blood sugar was 70. My total cholesterol was 195 (LDL 107, HDL 75, Triglycerides 75) and my thyroid is 100% normal.  Yeah, I was thinking my thyroid was going wonky again like it did post-pregnancy.  By the way, postpartum thyroid issues are very common and I was able to treat mine using a thyroid supplement  and I did also use Lugol’s in conjunction.

This lead to much discussion with my doctor about my adrenals and after more blood work, I have some minor adrenal issues.  I’m taking this adrenal support supplement and I can see some small success with it.  I’m taking it for a month and a half and I’ll report how it’s working.

I’m excited to finally be on the right track and I’m hoping to get to my goal by my birthday!

Also, Heather, I didn’t forget about you.  Are you still in the challenge?

If you want to follow Jen and I along or join us in the insanity you can find us on twitter using the hastag #DO100SQUATS430DAYS

35 thoughts on “100 Squat Challenge Update, Blood Work and it’s Not my Thyroid”

      • Well I have never been mentioned before 🙂 Its all very exciting! I really want to get my blog and facebook page up and running, so this was a nice little motivation to start brain storming! I was gonna use my whole pregnancy as a good motivation but clearly time has flown by!

        • Let me know when you get your blog up and I’ll do a shout out for ya 🙂 It goes fast, lol. You seriously are just amazing and I don’t know what I would do without having you as a partner in this 🙂

  1. I would think it would be better to do squats (along with any strength training exercises) every other day to give you muscles time to repair. I really need to start exercising, and squats were always one of my favorites. Glad your lab work came back good!

  2. I so wanted to do this with you, but with the trip it is just too much to keep track of. I am so glad you are on the right track now and can’t wait to see you meet your goal!

  3. I should so try this challenge because I have a big butt and I would love to at least tighten it so when I’m done losing weight it looks awesome!

    Congrats on your success so far.

  4. Wow that Jen is supermom! I can’t imagine doing 100 squats a day at this stage of pregnancy. Actually maybe it’ll do me some good and help with all this pain I’m experiencing.

  5. Congrats! You are an inspiration for me- thanks! Regarding hormone issues, I am really benefitting from reading Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book, The Hormone Cure. Should be in the hands of every woman on the planet! Please check it out. Found myself leaping off the pages, so to speak. (This is not a paid endorsement 🙂 )

  6. Love this challenge. I was looking at a photo of myself from a few years ago and I had realized how much weight I have put on. I really need to get moving!


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