3 Books that helped me Lose 60lbs

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

3 books that helped me lose 60lbs


Before I went Paleo, I was a vegetarian.  I know, it’s quite a leap but after 9 years on the diet, I was dealing with some bad health issues.   It was actually my stint as a raw vegan that lead me to raw milk and Sally Fallon Morrell, aka, one of my favorite people on earth.     Anyhow her book Nourishing Traditions was a huge eye opener on traditional diets and the importance of fat and, well, meat.  I started eating meat again and soaking my grains and making every kinda ferment I can get my hands on.  I did start to see some improvement in my mental health and some weight loss – maybe 10 pounds but I was still eating way too much sugar so I was still dealing with lots of anxiety, depression and the weight was not budging (shock right?).

Anyhow, I’m not sure how I came across Mark’s Daily Apple but I felt a major call to the Primal diet.  I know at the time I was looking into insulin resistance having just found out my sugar levels were out of control and I was pre-diabetic.  I ordered The Primal Bluepint and I stuck to the plan and also eliminated 95% of sugar from my diet and for the first time in years I started to feel alive again.  I stopped waking up in the middle of the night from night terrors.  I stopped thinking about death and the dark patches of skin on my neck disappeared.  My blood sugar levels also went down to normal.  I will admit that I was 100% focused on my diet as I wanted to get pregnant and start my family.  I lost those last  50 lbs by eliminating grains, legumes and most sugars from my diet.

The last piece of the puzzle is the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.  There are times even with the low sugar and no grains that I just feel off.  Pregnancy was tough for me because of all the crazy hormones just made me crazier.  Anyhow,  this book helps you heal some of the mood issues you have through the use of amino acids.   I’ve found 5 htp very helpful to keep me balanced (especially during the time of your moon)  and get in sleep when I need it which is helpful for weight loss.

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    • It’s amazing book. I’m not sure how it would suggest to treat kids though. I know diet is the biggest factor – i.e. reducing sugar, supplementation and such, are the better routes to go with kids. I know there are Doctors in PDX who treat with amino acids.

  1. I really should check these out at the library – I’m not sure I’m ready to make the leap yet, but maybe if I read about it I’d be more likely to make an effort.


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