8 Ways to Save Money Towards Your Grocery Bill

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Last Updated on August 8, 2021

Bag of apples that were picked from an apple farm

Paying for food and groceries can certainly be one of life’s biggest living expenses, and it’s very easy to get tricked into spending more. When you walk into a store, retailers use a variety of tactics to get you to buy more than you really need. Just think about how many times a chocolate bar has ended up unexpectedly in your cart. However, it is possible to save money by being vigilant and following some simple tips.

In this article, we are going to discuss eight different ways to reduce your grocery bill. Sound interesting? Then let’s get started!

Expand your search

While the grocery store might be the most convenient and popular spot to shop, it can be wise to look at alternative options if you really want to save money. For example, heading to the local farmers’ market or butcher might be a cheaper option, and the food is often delicious. 

Alongside this, it can even be a great idea to check out a grocery delivery service online. Many individuals find that by doing this, they avoid buying what they don’t need and only stick to the necessities. There can also be some great deals too!

Plan in advance

Meal planning involves organizing all your different meals for the week in advance so that you are not randomly cooking every night. It can make grocery shopping much easier, as you only need to worry about the necessary ingredients rather than buying a bunch of different products. Pair this with meal prepping (cooking on one day for the entire week), and eating is going to be a breeze. There will even be less wastage!

Learn how to make food last

One of the best ways to save money towards your groceries is to try and make everything last longer. This way, you don’t need to replace fresh produce as often. For example, plastic wrap applied to the top of bananas can make them last longer, and paper towel in with your lettuce leaves ensures they stay fresh. You would be amazed at how many different tricks there are. Check out these other food storage tips for more information.

Buy in bulk

While buying in bulk may seem more expensive at first, it can be beneficial in the long run. Prices are often reduced, and you also don’t need to spend money transporting yourself to and from the shops every day. Alongside this, you can purchase exactly how much you need, meaning food can stay fresher for longer. If you’re also thinking about going zero-waste, it’s the perfect way to start.

Learn how to cook with the basics

Flour, sugar, oil… These are just a few basics that are easy to find and cheap to purchase. By learning all the different ways, you can cook with them; you can create delicious meals on a budget. Take eggs, for example. They can be scrambled, fried, poached, or even cooked into a quiche. Alongside this, you can make pancakes, cookies, and cakes with them. By learning different recipes, you would be amazed at what you can make with just a few items.

Eat before you shop

One rule that can surprisingly save you a ton of money when you go to the grocery store is to eat before you shop. When you’re hungry, it’s easy to get tempted into all the different goodies that you see in front of you. However, a lot of the time, you don’t really need it! By making sure you are full before you leave the house, you are more likely to stick to your shopping list. Trust us when we say it’s definitely something you’ll want to get in the habit of.

Use coupons

If you’ve ever watched Extreme Couponing, then you probably know how crazy the savings can be. Some individuals get $300 worth of groceries for free! However, you’re not expected to go to that extent. Even just a few coupons here and there can save you money each time you shop. It all adds up!  

Create a vegetable garden

Have a green thumb? Why not try creating your own vegetable garden to save some money. Growing your own produce can be highly rewarding, and you’ll always know you’re getting the freshest ingredients. Even just planting some herbs which are easy to maintain can save you from buying them at the shops.

And that’s it! By following the tips above, you will be amazed at how much you can save towards your grocery bill. Good luck!

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