How To Drink More Fluids While You Are Pregnant

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Last Updated on December 17, 2023

Especially if you dislike water, this can be a problem in getting enough fluids during your pregnancy. 

Especially if you dislike water, this can be a problem in getting enough fluids during your pregnancy. 

As you are getting your daily fluids in, consider making a bet on your favorite sports team whether football, handball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and more!

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking Daily While Pregnant?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women drink at least eight to 12 cups of water daily. The minimum amount is as many cups of water as you would need regularly anyway. 

In some cases, depending on your weight, more cups of water would be essential to stay hydrated. The rule of thumb doctors recommend is to drink half your weight in water. Hence, if you are 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces or 9.5 cups when rounded upward. 

Why Is Water Important for Pregnancy? 

Drinking enough water has many benefits and necessities for a healthy pregnancy such as:

  • Helps you stay hydrated. 
  • Enhances your physical well-being. 
  • Improves your mentality. 
  • Reduces the quantity and severity of headaches. 
  • Lowers your risk of preeclampsia. 
  • Elevates amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus for optimal fetal development. 

4 Ways To Get More Fluids Every Day During Pregnancy

Now that you know how much water you should be drinking and its benefits during pregnancy, here are some tips on how to get more fluids every day while carrying your growing little one. For those who can’t stand bland water, we have you covered, too!

1. Mix Liquid IV In Your Water

Liquid IV is a hydration multiplier that comes in powder. Use them anywhere you are to get a boost of hydration while making your water drinking experience tastier with delicious flavors. Choose from flavors, including strawberry, lemon-lime, seaberry, grape, and much more!

You will get a boost of essential B vitamins and Vitamin C with every serving. Just take a sip of water from a 16-ounce bottle of water, add the Liquid IV powder into the bottle, shake, and enjoy! 

Drink about one to three servings of Liquid IV daily for optimal hydration and vitamin support throughout the day. Supplement the rest of your fluid intake needs with regular water, milk, and 100% juice. 

2. Use a Motivational Water Bottle

Grab a motivational water bottle from Amazon and add your favorite water directly in it to take everywhere with you during the day. Most of them are 32-ounce water bottles, which is half of the minimum intake you need for the day. 

The object is to start sipping the water when you wake up for the day and work your way to finishing the bottle by later in the afternoon. Many of the bottles have tick marks on them with a time and a motivational message such as “Don’t forget your goal!” and “You’re almost there!”

3. Make Fruit Infused Water 

Add your favorite fresh fruits and fresh herbs to plain water to enhance the flavor. Take a pitcher and fill it up with your favorite water. Mix in one cup of any fruit of your choice and a dash of fresh herbs, if you choose. Great combinations include blackberries with fresh basil, raspberries with fresh-cut lemons, and mint with cucumbers and kiwi.

4. Consume Water Rich Foods

In between drinking out of motivational water bottles and seeing if you like Liquid IV or fruit-infused water better, try consuming water-rich foods throughout the day, too! When you are tired of water, you can crunch on cucumbers or a celery stick for increased natural fluid intake or make celery juice with a masticating juicer.. Eat a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and other delicious veggies for a hydration boost, or consume a watermelon snack on a hot summer day. 

Drink Up, Mama!

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of bodily changes, emotional ups and downs, and preparation at home to be ready for the new bundle of joy. Don’t, forget to take care of yourself and stay hydrated for your and your baby’s health!

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