Paleo Baby Shower Gift Guide

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Last Updated on January 17, 2024


I remember when The Little came. I was NOT prepared at all and had to have virtual baby shower because I went into labor before mine was scheduled. He was 4 weeks early and I didn’t even have a diaper in the house, much less any of the other important things a family needs when welcoming a new little one.  With Bubba (Bejelly Baby #2) on schedule to join us in two short months, I’m already making freezer meals with 20 Dishes and his nursery is pretty much set.

Since this is our second kiddo, I have a better grip on what is important and what is just not necessary for our family to welcome him home. So, I wanted to share some great products and gift ideas for moms.

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One of the most important things I’ve learned as a mother is that if I don’t set aside time for myself for self-care (things like getting my nails done, mediation, or EFT), I am a hot mess. Seriously. I end up so drained that I am make poor decisions and, well, no one is happy after that. Mama Mala’s necklaces are a must on my list as they create amazing mala beads paired with healing stones  to help moms stay anchored and present. When I received the Beloved Mama Mala, the first thing I noticed was the heavenly sent of sandalwood. The scent is very calming and soothing and helps to focus the mind during meditation.

Here is the description from regarding the importance of the stones:

“Smoky Quartz transforms negative energy and emotions into positive energy, while relieving any stress, fear, and jealousy that may be blocking the flow of love in your life. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and carries an energy of compassion and peace. Rose Quartz supports the heart chakra and reawakens the heart to its own love, allowing you to truly love yourself so you are able to give yourself fully to others. It also helps attract new love and romance, while strengthening existing bonds with family and friends. Pink Moonstone connects you to the love of the universe, and helps lovers connect on a deeper level.”

Far too often we forget about Mom once the cute bundle of joy has made it’s way into the world. I think this is the perfect baby shower gift for Mom and I highly recommend it.

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The Little co-slept with us until he was 3 years old. One of the reasons we ended up co-sleeping with him was the fact he would sleep through the night easily and, well, I just loved having him close to us.

When I saw the Snuggle Me on Facebook, I knew that this was the perfect gift for parents. It’s made for babies newborn to 6 months old. It’s a lounging and bed-sharing cushion that has ‘center sling technology.’ This means it mimics the feel of being held so babies are comforted. This center sling also prevents babies from rolling or turning within the cushion.

This cushion looks perfect for co-sleeping and I can’t wait to test it out when Bubba gets here. During the day, I can take it downstairs and Bubba can sleep on the couch in his Snuggle Me.

I was sent the Snuggle Me (hypo-allergenic poly filling) and the first thing I noticed was 1) there was no smell (Yeah!) and 2) how well it was made. The cover is warm (which is great for babies who have been toasty warm in mama’s bellies) and super soft.  I also love love love that the cushion is non-toxic and fire resistant.  This cushion get’s 5 stars in my book so get one today!

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One of the best things I ever owned with the Little was a baby wrap. Seriously, I never would have gotten anything done if I had not owned one.

One of the issues I experienced in the past with other wraps was back pain. That is why I sought out the Maya wrap. It’s creator, Susan Gmeiner, had back issues once her kiddo hit 15lbs, and when she transitioned to a ring sling, she was able to wear her child and remain pain-free.

I got the Comfortfit Sling in Dorthy and I am in love with the quality and stunning beauty of the product. I love the variety of sizes the product comes in. I got the XL because you can easily use the  “tail” of the wrap to cover up when nursing. I also chose a larger size so Mr. Bejelly can wear Bubba around, too.

The sling comes with an instructional DVD which I have watched 20x and practiced with using Brian (our lovable dragon).

You must get a Maya Wrap today for any mama you know!

Download this helpful information right now in the Paleo Baby Shower Guide.

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