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50 Paleo Costco Foods

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Last Updated on January 17, 2021

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I love saving money so it makes sense that I love shopping at Costco.  Seriously, before I ponied up for my own membership, I would tag along with my friends.  I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite Paleo Costco Foods deal that will have save you money on the diet.

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Here are 50 Paleo Costco Food Deals that will SAVE YOU MONEY!

2.5lbs Dry Roasted Almonds $16.99

1lb Shelled Pistachios $19.77

2.5lbs Cashews $14.79

2lbs Pecans $12.99

26oz Kirkland Almonds Butter $10.99

2lbs Raw Oregon Honey $9.89

2/24 oz Honey $10.99

6/5 oz can Wild Planet Albacore Tuna $14.99

6/6oz Bear and the Wolf Wild Pink Salmon Boneless + Skinless $12.79

8/14.5oz Organic Diced Tomatoes $5.99

12/15oz Organic Tomato Sauce  (no sugar added) $7.99

8/14.5oz Organic Stewed Tomatoes $5.99

5/3.5oz Season Brand Sardines $8.49

25.36oz Single Press Maple Syrup $17.99

3 lbs Honeyville Almond Flour $22.99

78oz Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil $23.99

13 oz Himalayan Pink Sea Salt $3.99

33.8oz Chosen Foods Avocado Oil $9.99

1L Organic A Grande Maple Syrup $12.99

2/43.3oz Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil $25.99

6.4oz Kale Chips $8.99

6pk/1L each Zico Coconut Water $16.99

3lbs Organic Coffee Fair Trade $16.99

12/25.3oz San Pelligrino Mineral Water $14.49

5 Large Hass Avocados $5.99

2lbs Medjool Dates $8.99

3 Organic Romaine Lettuce $3.99

2lbs Earthbound Farms Organic Spring Mix $3.99

2lbs Earthbound Farms Greens Blend $4.99

2lbs Earthbound Farms Brocolette $4.99

2lbs Earthbound Farms Peeled Baby Carrots $5.99

2lbs Fresh Green Beans $5.99

10lbs Organic Carrots $5.99

1lb organic spinach $3.99

2.25lb Asparagus $7.99

Coleman’s Organic Whole Chickens $2.49/lb

Coleman’s Organic Chicken Legs $1.99/lb

4/1lb Grassfed Beef $19.99

3/8oz Kerrygold Butter $7.49 (great to make ghee or bulletproof coffee)

4/12oz Wholly Guacomole $10.99

44oz Wildbrine Kimchi $8.89

10.58oz Hail Mary Sea Salt Caramel Macaroons $7.99

2.25lbs Organic True Story Italian Chicken Sausages $14.99

1.25lbs Organic True Story Oven Roasted Turkey $13.99

2/1.5lbs Sunny Valley Uncured Bacon $12.89

3lbs Frozen Organic Berry Blend $9.99

3lbs Kirkland Frozen Blueberries $9.79

5lbs Frozen Organic Green Beans $6.19

4lbs Frozen Broccoli $7.59

10/.6oz Roasted Seaweed $7.99

2 dozen Organic cage free eggs $5.99

Last but not least, Paleo Eats! Grab your copy when you go shopping for the best Paleo costco deals!


Sunday 1st of January 2017

I found a really good organic avocado mayo at mine! Sweetened with honey. I may or may not have done a happy dance...

Samantha Teague

Monday 7th of March 2016

Thanks for the great post! Costco continues to impress me with their clean-eating stock. I'll find something new there that's paleo/organic and just get geeky ????

Kelly Bejelly

Sunday 20th of March 2016

Yes! I'm so glad they are offering more organics. It seriously helps my pocketbook :)


Friday 7th of August 2015

We had let our Costco membership lapse and I ve been toying with the idea of restarting it. After seeing just how many great paleo finds there were, I think I m back on the Costco train!

Nica Williamsen

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

thank you so much for this list! I was able to find the almond flour and maple syrup at my store in Rohnert park, CA - which I don't think was on your list of locations. Super happy to find the products at such a great price.

Kelly Bejelly

Thursday 10th of September 2015

Yes, I love the savings!


Sunday 8th of March 2015

It should be noted that the eggs and meats at Costco, even labeled "free range", "natural", or otherwise are still owned by Con-Agra and other conglomerates. If one's interest is not just eating well, but also the humane raising of the animals one eats, then avoiding these products from Costco would be wise. No doubt the flour, tuna, Kerrygold butter, etc. are all good, but the eggs and meat are NOT reared with quality animal life.

Kelly Bejelly

Friday 27th of March 2015

Very true hun.