Paleo Living on a Budget: Busting the Budget and Tip 2

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Last Updated on June 22, 2021


It’s amazing how difficult it is for me to stick to a plan/budget when I am busy.  I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and getting our house ready to sell.  It has been an insane amount of work and my goal to start following our weekly paleo meal plan and stick to my budget flew out the window.

First, I knew that I was not going to stick to my $100 budget this week because we were out of meat. New Seasons, my local natural store, has value packs and we go through one two different packs a month.  The cost of the meat pack sis $158 and it works out to about $4/lb for a variety of meat – ribs, tri tip, ground beef, whole chicken, etc.

It’s funny because when we cut our food budget, I was trying to think of ways to still afford buying meat from New Seasons and I scored the internet trying to find a replacement and “Bam” they had a Pdf, now defunct,  sharing  their value packs.    I jumped up for joy and then called the NS Meat department and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Seriously, they had to look it up and call me back.  Anyhow, you should check with your local natural store and see if they have something like this.  If not, they may work with you on customizing a bulk purchase at a discount.  It never hurts to try.

Anyhow, this covers most of the meat, yeah, seriously.  My son eats 3 eggs almost every day for breakfast.  Then there’s my husband’s addiction to Raw milk – I’m normally right there with him but I am following  Whole30 this month (Trust I will be making Whole30 Desserts).

Anyhow, I have not kept track of receipts and I am too tired to track what I’ve spent on food this week but next week I promise to have everything neat and pretty to see where I am at and if my $100 a week budget is even realistic for us.

I do however want to share two more tips on how I save money while Paleo.    Tip#2 is only for people with a business license –  sorry ya’ll without one.

Tip #2: Restaurant Wholesale Stores

So I was bumping around a shopping center and I walked into a store called Restaurant Depot.   You need a business license to shop here.  I have one because my blog is a business and I also do contract work.  Anyhow, most of the items in here are bulk and not anywhere close to organic but I found a few gems.  I mentioned that my son eats 3 eggs a day.   We often go through 7 1/2 dozen eggs every 2 – 3 weeks.  This gets pricey  when you’re eating pastured eggs at $6-$7 a dozen.  They carry eggs from Willamette Egg Farms, a local egg supplier,  that provides cage-free eggs  and I can get them here for $1.60/dz.   Yeah, I have to buy 15 dozen but I have a friend who splits the eggs with me so we end up with 7 1/2 dozen each.

For those who eat dairy, they also carry various 5 lb loaves of Tillamook Cheese for (you can shred and freeze this or just make ahead a bunch of gluten-free mac and cheese for an easy meal) and I can get my Alpenrose Heavy Whipping Cream fix for /half gallon (normally for a quart at my normal store).  Now cream is the only ingredient on the list with this brand.

It’s worth a look if you have one in your area.

26 thoughts on “Paleo Living on a Budget: Busting the Budget and Tip 2”

    • Billie, Whole30 is basically eating only basic real foods – meats, fats, veggies, fruit and nuts. No grains, alcohol, no dairy, no sugar. I gave up today lol! Change is hard but even harder when everything in your life if changing too. I’m only adding dairy back in the mix.

    • While meat is obviously part of the diet, red meat doesn’t have to be the main protein source. You can eat fish only if you choose too. Heck there are even Paleo vegetarians which kinda seem strange to me but it’s nice you can make the diet fit you. No grains and legumes are pretty much the main no nos.


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