Living Paleo on a Budget: Discount Grocers

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020

paleo on a budget


In my early 20s, I was happy but broke and I made sure to stretch my penny on food.  I bought my groceries from Grocery Outlet, Ethic Markets and Surplus grocery stores.    There were two small markets, now unfortunately closed, that I found that sold dented canned foods, discontinued products and food a hairs breath from the stamped expiration date.    To say I could turn  $100 into groceries that lasted a month was no joke and then, well, I starting more money and ditched my cheapo ways for New Seasons.

Now some may think that eating expired foods is the same as playing Russian Roulette but even the FDA gives a nod to the practice by stating that are only an indication by the manufacture of when the food is at its optimum quality.   So, let’s talk about savings.

Save Money on Real Food


 Coconut Mint Secret bars:  Paid $6.  Retail online for $35.98

Arrow hood Mills Tahini : Paid $1.99  Retail $9.99

Lurpak Butter: Paid $1.99  Retail $6.99

I bought all of these items from Grocery Outlet.   I have snagged everything from 1.5 lbs of Uncured Pepperoni for $6 to Sudz Bare Naked 8 oz Soap Bars for .99 cents (these retail  for $5.99 a bar).

If you’re lucky enough to have a Local surplus store you might find even more amazing deals.    Also, if you see something you like buy as much as you can afford/stock away.  Things go fast.  I’m still kicking myself  for not grabbing more uncured bacon that I found for $2.99 for 12 oz.

24 thoughts on “Living Paleo on a Budget: Discount Grocers”

  1. We don’t have stores like that here 🙁 BUT my saving grace is marked down meat. Yes, I’m the selfish person that everyone else rants about on Facebook that buys every package of 30% off meat when they start marking them down.

  2. I have a grocery outlet near me, but they charge an extra 20% (what?!), so I never go there. 🙁 However, I love that Schnucks clearances out on a lot of food that I eat, especially organic food!

  3. I think we may have a store like this out here but it’s not in a good area of town. I am grateful for places like Sprouts where I can get organic produce and fresh meat at great prices.

  4. No stores like that near me. But I eat past the expiration date… within reason, of course. 🙂 My hubby (and my son, because of my hubby) will not. That magic date on the package means it is suddenly bad from one night to the next morning. lol.


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