50 Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes (Gluten-free)

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Your Paleo Thanksgiving won’t be complete without classic sides like green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and stuffing. You’ll find recipes for paleo appetizers, mains, drinks, entrees and desserts and more!

Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

When I was growing up my family would have Thanksgiving dinner at noon.  This created the ritual of a hobbit-like eating schedule – first dinner, second dinner and third dinner.  

Anyhow, I have and will always associate Thanksgiving with gluttony and a carb feast that rivals all carbs feasts and when I went Paleo, I was NOT going to give up that tradition.

Fear not my Paleo darlings there are a lots of carbs and favorites in these paleo thanksgiving recipes to make your Thanksgiving meal a blast.

In my family, we typically host Thanksgiving. That means cleaning (this mama is dreaming of getting a cleaning service to do this task) and lots of food prep. I often the meal ready over 3 days and I would be a mess without the following tools below.

paleo thanksgiving tools

1. Brining Kit  2. Food Storage Containers  3. Waterproof Digital Thermometer  4. Stainless Steel Baster  5. Butcher’s Twine

Seriously, brining your turkey is the simplest – most amazing thing you can do and all your need a brining kit and a small disposable cooler.

Now onto the huge list of Paleo Thanksgiving recipes for your Turkey Day.


I’m someone who LOVES appetizers and I have to make sure they don’t make up my holiday dinner.

Paleo Thanksgiving Appetizers

Start off your Paleo Thanksgiving celebration with the perfect finger foods.

Side Dishes

I swear the day that the air turns crisp and the light start to change in the sky, I started thinking about Thanksgiving stuffing. I have food fantasies about eating a whole pan, just covered in rich gravy and topped with cranberry sauce but my body could literally NOT do that.

Paleo Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Get your favorite Paleo Thanksgiving Side Dish recipes below!

Main Course

It’s probably sacrilegious to say this but for me, the main course is not my biggest draw to Thanksgiving dinner.

Paleo Thanksgiving Main Course Recipes

Thanksgiving Dinners isn't just about the Turkey. Broaden your horizon with some new mains for your holiday.


I’m a red wine type of girl but I like to do something a little fancy for the holidays. Here are some tasty paleo cocktails to please your family.

Paleo Thanksgiving Drinks


Ok, sooo.. yes. Dessert is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I make several pies and just pig out. Hey, I’m honest. Here’s some paleo desserts to make your holiday extra special.

Paleo Thanksgiving Desserts

paleo thanksgiving recipes

10 thoughts on “50 Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes (Gluten-free)”

  1. OH MY Goodness! Too many choices!!! 😀 I’m having a menu planning dilema! LOL Some want sweet potato casserole and some want sweet potato biscuits! Too much? :p And then there are those who like mashed potatoes! UGH! I was planning in baked parsnips and rutebega in place of. Indecisive as to what kind of greens other than the green beans. Thank goodness EVERYONE wants turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce! Any suggestions on how I can put a nice menu together without overloading on the starchy carbs?! Definitely, wanting to make your stuffing! 😀

  2. Looks delicious! I am going to make sure there is lots of paleo friendly food on our Thanksgiving table, the only problem is skipping the carb heavy stuff I include for the rest of the family! Maybe I will get store bought rolls this year so they won’t tempt me…


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