Paleo Menu: Whole30 Recipes

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Last Updated on December 7, 2023

Whole30 Recipes

It’s January and everyone’s attention has turned to their waistlines.    The cookies, pies and candy from Christmas are now giggly wiggly pounds that need to get burned off so what better than to turn to Whole30.  I have tried to do Whole30 in the past and I COULD NOT do it.  I can intermittent fast but the minute I think about giving up my Raw milk and cheese, I turn in a two year old about to throw a major tantrum.

Anyhow, Whole30 is an excellent program to whittle off the holiday pounds and Lord help me, I’m going to DO  it for one month starting on 1/7.  I need prayers ya’ll – no joke.  It is going to hard especially since I’ve turned into a sugar eating wino over the holidays.    Rambling aside here some tasty Whole30 recipes to get you through the week.

Whole30 Recipes

3 C’s Chilli
Spicy Beef+Veggie Stir fry
Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash
Stir-fried Kelp Noodles w Beef & Spinach
Paleo Poached Chicken Salad
Bacon Crusted Quiche
Crock-Pot Moroccan Tajine Beef Stew with Prunes

22 thoughts on “Paleo Menu: Whole30 Recipes”

  1. Good luck on your Whole 30! I did my first one in October and giving up dairy was tough! (Sorry – that’s not making you feel better, is it?) I’m embarking on a Really Strict No Nonsense eating plan tomorrow which also doesn’t include dairy. That makes me a li’l sad cause there’s a lot of cheese still in the fridge.

    Anyway – thanks for the mention of my 3Cs Chilli and I hope you enjoy it if you make it!

  2. I could possibly do something like this since I haven’t had cheese or milk in a few months, I think the only dairy I’ve had is yogurt, which I haven’t even had in a week or two.


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