20 Paleo Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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Last Updated on December 17, 2023

The guests are gone and the fridge is packed to the gills with leftovers. Here are 20 paleo thanksgiving leftover recipes to repurpose that turkey dinner.

Paleo Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

It’s Thanksgiving dinner and the table is bowing under the weight of all the food you just cooked. Everyone looks ravenous and they dig in with gusto.

You’ve never seen your Aunt Margaret eat so much in 15 minutes and you just know that the 10 hours of cooking were worth every minute.

An hour has passed and you quickly realize that you cooked enough for an army and you have NO idea what you are going to do with all these food.

You try to pawn off a bunch of the leftover and all of sudden everyone is on a keto diet and they want nothing to do with the stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Ok, please tell me that I’m not the only one who has lived through this scenario.

If you are like me and you suffer from “I cook WAY TOO MUCH FOOD” syndrome, than this post is for you.

Now before you go reinventing that turkey breast here are a couple of simple ideas if you really don’t want to do eat all the food

Try Donating your Thanksgiving leftovers

  • Call your local food pantry of homeless shelter to see if they will accept leftovers
  • Try Sharing leftovers on Facebook marketplace ( please practice safety here)
  • Search online “Food leftover donation website” – there are some new apps and businesses that will accept leftovers.

Ok, if you don’t have a mountain of of leftovers but you have enough to repurpose here are some ideas

The Bird

After you’ve picked your turkey carcass clean, go ahead and throw the bones in a slow cooker with some veggies scraps (save them from your big dinner) and make a big batch of healing broth.

15 Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Recipes:

Got more turkey leftovers than you have shake a leg at? Repurpose them into the recipes below.

The Sides

Two great ideas for repurposing those sides are:

1) Take any starchy veg – i.e. sweet potatoes, butternut, etc and mix with an egg, some grated onion and make potato or squash patties.  

It’s also crazy easy to throw leftover sides in pot with some broth and make soup.   Don’t forget to use them also in omelets and salads.

5 Paleo Thanksgiving Side Dish Leftover Recipes

Paleo Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

I’d love to hear of any other Thanksgiving leftover recipes ya’ll love to make after this gastronomic holiday.

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