The food apps worth downloading for your smartphone in 2021

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Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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If you call yourself a foodie then, chances are, you’ll have at least one food app on your smartphone right now. Some apps provide access to a variety of recipes, while others enable you to virtually wait in line at a restaurant or leave various reviews. The options are comprehensive. 

It’s the way of the world now, with smartphone applications being created for virtually everything these days. People are using their mobile phone devices to conduct banking enquiries, book holidays, and even find their soulmate. All this comes alongside the ability to send emails, update social media statuses, and explore games with a massive selection of bonus features and second-chance opportunities – Reactoonz slots. Our smartphones are certainly capable of offering up various solutions to many everyday issues, cooking and finding some inspiration in the kitchen included. In fact, several apps are proving to be extremely popular at the moment. 

To give you some inspiration in the kitchen or to help you unearth a local gem of a restaurant, here is a look at some of the best foods app worth downloading for your smartphone in 2021 right now. 


One of the most popular food apps of its type available right now, Foursquare offers a range of free food and discounts. The app’s clever technology will check local and nearby restaurants for any discounts or free food offers. For example, some restaurants offer free starters or drinks at certain times of the day. Foursquare has you covered, notifying you if you’re eligible for a bargain dinner. If you eat out a lot, then Foursquare is definitely worth downloading. 

Open Table 

Keen to book a table at your favourite establishment from the comfort of your own phone? Who wouldn’t want some cash back, too? Well, Open Table has you covered with exactly that. The app is easy to use and a breeze in terms of booking a table somewhere, then with every visit to an establishment, you get points. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can claim. From there, you could be eligible for cash back or coupons alongside a range of other benefits. 


LevelUp is a popular food ordering app used around the world. The app has your back for all of your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. You can browse your favourite local spots, order ahead, pay, and then arrive to collect your food in plenty of time. You won’t need to queue up either. Available on both iOS and Android, LevelUp is a great app to use.

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Chefs Feed 

Featuring some of the best chefs from around the world, Chefs Feed provides a unique insight into a chefs life and everything the job entails. Chefs also provide helpful tips, you can gain advice from drinks and beverage professionals, as well as having the option to explore the best local dishes and restaurants in your area. The app also offers up some excellent videos and stories for all food lovers. Chefs Feed is just about as comprehensive as it gets when assessing food apps, offering pretty much everything you need.  

Happy Cow 

Popular with vegans and vegetarians, Happy Cow finds vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the world in a simple to use app. It offers superb filters for searching, an interactive map to help you track down your selected restaurant, alongside reviews, pictures, and a whole lot more in what is a truly brilliant app. 

Other food apps worth downloading are Fork It by Kitchenbowl, Yelp, NoWait, Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes, Paprika Recipe Manager, and How To Cook Everything.

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