Therapy Session: Writing an Essay to Your Future Self

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Last Updated on August 24, 2022

An Essay to Your Future Self: An Effective Therapy Session
Were you a fan of essays back at school?  Did you ever search for admission essay writing help? Well, now, as a part of a therapy session, we`re going to ask you to write an essay to your future self.

Therapy Session: Writing an Essay to Your Future Self

Therapy Session: Writing an Essay to Your Future Self

You hear these words everywhere these days: self-care, body positivity, cheat days (we mean food, of course), and wellness. Where do they come from and do they really imply like some kind of a cult?

No, not really. Actually, we`re just going in circles. These are the circles of human history. There were periods when philosophers praised hedonism. And there were times when feelings and emotions were of the highest importance – it was the period of Romanticism.

And now we`re back to those glorious times.

However, if we look closely, we`ll see that a modern approach to life is just too mixed up and even out-of-this-world.

Now we have Instagram and all those beauty trends that help people feel like a part of the society. At the same time, we care deeply about mental health, wellness, and inner-power. Perhaps, people are gradually realizing that it`s important to develop soul, mind, and body all at the same time. Hopefully, we`re getting to a point where an eternal harmony will play a leading role in this world.

Okay, enough with unrealistic dreams! Humanity is a mess, and we can`t change that.

But what is still in your power is changing your attitude towards life in general, towards your health, relationships, career perspectives, and all those aspects that so many people are conscious about.

You may not believe it at first, but it`s definitely worth trying. A simple essay to your future self can turn your whole life upside down. You just need to find out how to do it right.

Setting the Right Priorities

It may be the most complicated question ever, but if you`re an adult who plans the future, has dreams and at least a vague image of a perfect life in the head, then you`ll be able to pull it off easily.

Let`s explore our personalities first.

So, a future you. What does this person look like? What is he/she doing for life? Is he/she in a relationship? Imagine your more mature self.

The point is that each of us would imagine a successful person who is healthy, fit, has a bunch of close friends, and a dream job. And that`s okay.

Now, save this image in your head and whatever you do next in your life, remember that this is a person that you`re supposed to strive to become.

A human being who wants to have a stable and healthy relationship with his or her inner self should not look for any similarities with all those Instagram perfect people who are filtered and photoshopped. Your icon is supposed to be none other than the best possible version of yourself.

Obviously, we grow up, we experience new emotions and impressions on a daily basis so that ideal picture may change from time to time. And it`s awesome. In fact, according to psychologists, people do change. And it`s not only a natural process, it`s an absolutely necessary measure.

Just Don`t Forget Where You Put It

We don`t know how about you, but we`re sure that finding a letter or an essay from your past self in five years after writing it is pretty cool. It may help you reevaluate your purpose in life, career priorities, and family perspectives. Your lifestyle may even change drastically when you start writing those letters every 5 years.

People tend to forget about their big dreams. When they get stuck in all that metaphorical daily mud, they usually don`t see a way out. But after you read a letter from the past, you may start realizing that it`s not exactly what you expected from your life and that you need to change something.

You`re reminiscing and getting all events in your life compartmentalized in your head. Can you feel you are closer to your dream or does it mostly look like you`re drifting away from it slowly but surely?

If you see absolutely no changes, then perhaps, it`s even a worse sign because people are always going somewhere, they`re moving and have that illusion of progress. Yes, at least they have an illusion.

So sit down and write that essay. Please just don`t perceive it as a school home assignment. You`re doing this task for your own good, you let go off your thoughts and get into the world of dreams and fantasies about your future.

Now, reread that letter. Do you feel empowered? Do you think anything requires some changes? Have you forgotten to add something on the list of your future achievements?

Make those changes, hide that letter, and even if you forget about it after 5 years and don`t read it, remember that you still can experience a great therapy session while writing it.

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