The Top 4 Reasons to Try Invisalign This Year

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Last Updated on January 15, 2023

All of us wish for straight, pearly white teeth. But only just a few are endowed with perfect pearly whites. After continuous and advanced studies in dentistry, those now can be achieved. One popular way would be to wear metal braces. Wearing braces can, of course, correct teeth alignment but sometimes wearing it can be cumbersome and takes a long time to work, too. Another way to improve teeth alignment is by using Invisalign, a treatment which works like the metal braces but is less noticeable. Some dental institutions such as Hamptons Dental offers treatments such as Invisalign NW Calgary. Invisalign can straighten crowded or crooked teeth, close gaps and adjust overbites. Invisalign also has numerous advantages over metal braces. Read on for reasons why you should try it out this year.

  1.  It is less noticeable.

Invisalign corrects teeth alignment as with the metal braces, but it works best to straighten out the front teeth. This treatment utilizes clear trays specially-made for you which are also less noticeable than metal braces. You can wear the aligners at least 20 hours per day throughout the entire treatment meaning you have a few hours to relax your teeth from being bound.

  1.  It promotes better hygiene.

Better hygiene is considered as one of the advantages of Invisalign over metal braces. As it can be removed easily, you can brush and floss like you normally would after each meal. You can also use any regular toothpaste and toothbrush in cleaning your Invisalign trays. Since cleaning the teeth as well as the aligners are easy and does not involve too much hullaballoos, it is recommended to clean them as much as possible, else the Invisalign trays might soak your teeth with food and low pH saliva.

  1.  You can see the results early on.

Patients usually notice visible changes with their teeth after three to four months while some show earlier positive changes. However, results often vary from person to person depending on the complexity of the problem warns this expert dentist in Mathews. Also, when patients comply with the recommended number of hours per day to wear aligners, they may expect their desired results on time.

  1.  It does not scratch or tear the lips or cheek.

Metal braces can cause tenderness to teeth and gums. It is a great disadvantage that metal braces are fixed to the teeth. And the parts of the mouth which are in constant contact with it are bound to get scratched. Invisalign on the other hand, will not scratch or tear the lips or the inside of the cheeks.

Going through the advantages that Invisalign promotes, you might be convinced that this method can indeed work to answer problems on teeth alignment. Aside from being more aesthetic than metal braces, it also lessens or removes concerns on allergies to metals. It is also relatively more comfortable as there are no wires or brackets inside the mouth which can cause more sores and wounds. And because it is removable, you can luckily eat what you want, do things as normal as you can like sports or playing instruments as long as you remove the aligners when necessary. With those pointers in mind, you can consider Invisalign as an excellent treatment for you to have those straight pearly whites.

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